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From: Amanda Seligman <seligman at uwm.edu>

Dear Colleagues

For an article on the history of block clubs, I am in search of
secondary scholarship.  While I have collected many references to block
clubs in other books--references of a page or so at most--the only
extended description or analysis of block clubs that I have found is
chapter 6 of Sylvia Hood Washington's PACKING THEM IN:  AN ARCHAEOLOGY
OF ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM IN CHICAGO, 1865-1954 (Lexington Books, 2005).

Searches of scholarly databases are coming up null.  Can anyone
recommend any scholarship on block clubs, especially extended
descriptions in books or chapters in anthologies that would not be
indexed by the standard databases?

Thank you for any help you can give in this matter.


Amanda I. Seligman
Associate Professor of History, Urban Studies Programs
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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