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From: "Immergluck, Daniel W" <Dan.Immergluck at>

Executive Director, Community Design Center of Atlanta.  The Community 
Design Center is a 25 year old nonprofit advocacy planning and 
architectural design organization.  CDCA's primary mission is to protect 
and advance the interests of low income and minority persons.  Clients 
are typically neighborhood groups, community based and regional 
community development corporations, advocacy groups, shelters, and 
public policy organizations/agencies/foundations having a demonstrable 
concern for equity issues.  CDCA also conducts policy research on issues 
of concern to low income and minority people. Base salary is mid-$50,000 
(with health and dental benefits) and is incentivized up to $70,000 
through securing additional contracts and fund-raising.  Send resume and 
references to Chair, CDCA Search Committee, Suite 5, 2003 Austin Avenue 
N.E., Atlanta, Georgia 30307 or cdcatlan at 
<mailto:cdcatlan at> .  Position open January 15, 2007, and 
until filled.

Dan Immergluck
Associate Professor
City and Regional Planning Program
College of Architecture
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0155
(404) 385-7214
(404) 384-1628 fax
dan.immergluck at

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