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[ed:  hey, are COMM-ORGers resourceful or what?  Thanks to Jim and Al 
for responding.]

From: James Riker <jriker at>

Dear David:

The language is Bahasa Indonesian and the article is on "Community 
Organizing and Organizers." The article quotes a passage from your book 
with Cristina Lopez on "People Power from the Grassroots: (Center for 
Community Change, 1997). The blog is written by Taryono Darusman, who 
is  a  community  organizer affiliated with the non-profit organization 
Yayasan Puter ("Dove Foundation") in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. 
Yayasan Pueter is engaged in community development, human rights, marine 
development, tropical forestry as well as rebuilding efforts following 
the December 2005 Tsunami in Aceh and the May 2006 earthquake in Yogyakarta.

For more information about this group, see:

Do let me know if you have further questions.

Jim Riker


From: Al Boss <alboss at>

From: Al Boss <alboss at>

Well, the language looked like Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) to me. The 
title, "Organisasi Rakyat", seems to translate as something along the 
lines of "The People's Organization".

Not that I speak a word of Indonesian, mind you. But several years ago I 
had a small part in Phil Bartle's amazing "Community Empowerment" site,, which volunteers have translated into several 
languages over the years. (Yes, I know, maybe Phil shouldn't give up his 
day job anytime soon to go into graphic design, but then again neither 
should I. Get past the cover and look at the book, though, and maybe 
you'll see why I'm impressed by this site. Besides, Dr. Bartle's 
retired, so there's no day job to give up.) Anyhow, exposure to that 
site as it's been translated helped me at least guess the language 
behind Dave's mystery site at

Rather than leaving it at that, I found a free tool at that attempts to translate 
Indonesian into English. Bear in mind this is machine translation, 
which    mostly comes out looking like the instructions to a cheap 
stereo, but at least it'll give you a hint as to the flavor of the blog. 
It seems to be about community organizing.

I had less luck with trying to learn about the author, though; his name 
is common enough that I found lots of matches, all in Indonesian save 
for a dating profile for a 24-year-old, which I declined to pursue further.

So, in the best computer-esque translation of "the spirit is willing but 
the flesh is weak" getting turned into "the vodka is good but the meat 
is rancid", here's what the translation computer did to the original 
Indonesian. Enjoy.


Al Boss, Seattle

---- translation via ----

On Wednesday, in November 01, 2006
The organising of the Community and the Organiser

By: Taryono Darusman

1,1 Organisings of the Community
Before we entered thoughts and steps the organiser of the community more 
in, there is good him we discussed, Whether the organising of the 
community? . Whether philosophy, the values and the aim of the 
organising of the community? . Here, how this organising could be 
undertaken, whoever used him? . What his difference the organising of 
the community with the strategy or the other intervention that had a 
purpose same, that is helping the poor people and terpinggirkan? .

A. What the Organising Msyarakat That?
There were several definitions that was written concerning the 
organising of the community, that is:
In the process of the organising of the community of having two main 
matters that were done, that is first, the organising was the 
constructive process of the permanent strength of being based on the 
people, so as sides that were dominant from the aspect of finance and 
the institution always could be controlled and forced to be responsible 
for towards social justice, environmental justice and economic justice, 
that were second being a process of the transformation of the individual 
and the community, made them could appreciate each other and be 
participating in the life of the public, than only was passive and 
accepted what was severed by the other side. (Mike Miller, Organize 
Training Center)

Generally, the Organising of the community could be defined as the 
process “membangun the strength by involving the constituents 
totalling possibly through the process of finding and knowing the threat 
or the problem together, looking for the appropriate resolution and 
being desired towards the available problem, as looking for the person, 
the system, the bureaucracy, available facilities so that the process of 
the resolution that has been chosen to possibly was done, compiled the 
target that will be achieved, and built an institution that 
democratically could be supervised and monitored by all the constituent 
so as to be able to develop the capacity to handle the threat and 
accommodated all the wishes and the strength kosntituen” (Dave 
Beckwith & Cristina Lopez ) i.

 From two definitions above, the organising of the community could be as 
the process untangled and clarified more specific became several points, 
that is:
1. Developed the strength of the people through the determination of the 
problem and the aim together that will be reached. Developed the 
strength of the significant people involved totalling possibly kostituen 
in this community. If being enabled to involve other sides outside this 
2. identified resources and the available structures so that 
penyelesasian the problem or the achievement of the aim to possibly to 
be reached. Sebisa possibly all the available constituents were involved 
in the achievement of this aim.

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> fill me in on this guy, the group, the language?
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