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Jobs with Justice

Western Regional Field Organizer

Position Announcement

Jobs with Justice is a national network of local coalitions of labor, 
community, faith-based, and student organizations that work together and 
mobilize on campaigns to win justice in workplaces and in communities 
where working families live. The national office provides strategic 
support to 40+ locally autonomous coalitions around the country, 
networks coalitions on common issues, and develops national programs 
that increase the impact of local organizing. National programs include 
workers’ right to organize and bargain collectively, health care for 
all, global justice, and immigrant rights. The national staff is 
dedicated to helping local coalitions thrive and to lifting up the 
leadership of workers, community members, students, and others who are 
most affected by economic injustices. We are looking to hire a Western 
Regional Field Organizer to work with local JwJ coalitions in the West 
and help build the national network.

Reports to: National Field Director


* Work with Jobs with Justice coalitions and organizing committees in 
the Western region.
* Serve as a liaison between local JwJ coalitions and the national 
network, which involves regular communication with local staff and 
leaders in the region, report on their activities, and help keep them 
connected to the national network of JwJ coalitions.
* Provide technical assistance to local coalitions as needed – this 
includes; strategic planning, developing fundraising plans, assisting 
with fundraisers, financial management support, developing plans for 
strategic campaigns and program priorities, Workers’ Rights Board and 
SLAP and other project development, database support, identifying 
training needs and opportunities, organizational structures and 
decision-making, or helping with large mobilizations or actions.
* Travel to different local coalitions as needed - (travel 4 -12 days a 
* Help people who are interested in starting new JwJ coalitions develop 
into working organizations by meeting charter criteria.
* Help coordinate local coalition relationships with various 
foundations, allied networks, and union bodies for fundraising and 
program purposes.
* Encourage and develop the leadership and skills of local staff and 
* Track annual program and organizational development goals for each 
local coalition.
* Lead on regional campaigns – networking coalitions involved, 
developing regional plans, and overseeing regionally coordinated activities.
* Build and maintain relationships with key regional contacts for unions 
and allied organizations.
* Write monthly work reports and work plans and a summary of major 
events in the region.
* Help coordinate and train at national trainings and gatherings.
* Other activities as needed.


* At least 3 years of experience working with the labor movement or in 
community/labor coalitions or as a field organizer.
* Knowledge of unions and union organizing campaigns.
* Knowledge and experience working on social justice issues and with 
social change organizations.
* Working knowledge of what it takes to run a small non-profit, 
including but not limited to financial management.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
* Attention to detail and the ability to maintain a variety of projects 
and activities simultaneously.
* Knowledge of common computer applications such as MS Word and Excel, 
as well as familiarity with the internet and e-mail programs.
* Demonstrated commitment to social and economic justice.

Salary: mid-40’s

Benefits: Generous benefits package that includes paid vacation, 
medical, dental, and retirement benefits.

To Apply: Send cover letter, resume and two professional references to 
fojob at

Please contact Sarita Gupta with any questions at 202-393-1044 x227.

Applications will be accepted until Friday, February 9, 2007.

Jobs with Justice is an affirmative action employer and strongly 
encourages people of color, women, l/g/b/t individuals, and those with 
working class backgrounds to apply.

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