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Now available - The Journal of Community Power Building!


In the third edition of The Journal of Community Power Building, the 
writers explore the definitions of community and community boundaries: 
who are the people with whom CDCs work? When a CDC carries out 
leadership development or speaks of pursuing justice, who does it 
involve in its action plans? Who perhaps is excluded from its outreach?


The Editorial Board, a volunteer committee, felt that this was a theme 
that could cross many communities and experiences. In the articles that 
we received, it became clear that the term community carried a deep 
emotional resonance with the writers. Although the questions posed have 
an analytical tone, many of the articles discussed community in terms of 
belonging and a sense of family. The importance of personal 
relationships is almost a cliché in the community development field.  
Nevertheless, these essays reiterate this point on a visceral level and 
remind us that, for all ages, personal relationships and a stake in a 
community is the power that drives community change.


The Journal is written by local CDC staff and leadership, community 
leaders, board members, and youth organizers.


The Journal is on sale for $5 each (group discount available). SPECIAL * 
Complementary* copies available until Jan 31, 2007! Please contact 
Shirronda Almeida@ shirrondaa at to purchase your copy.


A PDF version is also available on line at but the printed 
bound journal is a must have!


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