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The Organizing and Technology Grants Awards

It was a busy grants round! More than three hundred organizations
submitted information forms, of which 228 were invited to make a
grant proposal. We had to decline some very good organizations
whose mission differed from the focus of our organizing technology
grants round. We received 180 grant proposals requesting a total
of $1.7 million. We had $100,000 for this grants program and
fourteen groups were funded. Here's a list of the grantees with
links to their proposals.

We intend to offer more grants in 2007 if we are able to raise the
funds. If you would like to be included in new announcements,
complete an organization information form so that we have your
contact information in our database.

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Resolve to have a better relationship with technology in 2007!

As you transition into the New Year, why not start the year by
resolving to have a better relationship with technology?

Seems reasonable, right? New year, fresh start, why not bury the
hatchet with your database or let go of the grudge against Word
that you nurtured through the cold dark days of 2006?

How? If you resolve to follow just one of these simple rules,
your life with technology will be better in the New Year.
Follow all of them and you'll be . . .
well, you'll be a lot happier.

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Great Opportunity to Support a Database for Organizers:

If you've ever attended a PTP training or looked at our website,
you know that we're big fans of databases, and we know that many
of you are too.

Well, right now, you've got a chance to help support a database in
use by many community organizing groups around the country, the
Organizers Database.

Here's what the folks from the Organizers' Collaborative told us:

a) gifts by Wednesday [January 10, 2007] at midnight will be
matched by an anonymous donor.
b) donors of $25 or more will also receive a free, silkscreened
CD containing the new software, or may designate that the CD be
shipped to a nonprofit of their choice.

Check out this offer, and the software, by visiting

So if you've got the means to help strengthen the software
infrastructure of the movement, head on over to their website and
donate what you can. The folks behind the Organizers Database are
one of the few non-commercial developers of software written for
base-building community organizers and are definitely worth

Writer's block? try this:

Have you ever stared at your screen, the cursor blinking at you,
the deadline for the memo/grant proposal/evaluation/whatever
approaching fast and just couldn't get the words to come out?

Maybe you got up and walked around, maybe you checked your email,
maybe you did one of the million and one things we all find to do
when we're under a deadline and can't seem to get the words to
come up.

Maybe you thought the problem was that you had writer's block -
maybe you have trouble getting started. And maybe, just maybe, the
problem was the program you were staring at.

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HTML email – if you're going to use it, make sure it works:

If you've ever received an email with graphics or fancy
formatting, you've received an HTML email. In fact, if you're
reading this through PTP's email newsletter, you're reading an
HTML email. Whether you love HTML email or hate it (and many
people hate it), chances are good that your organization is
considering using it as part of your online engagement strategy.

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