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Dear COMM-ORG colleagues,

Nominations are due February 16 for the Community-Campus Partnerships 
for Health (CCPH) Annual Award!

The CCPH Award recognizes exemplary partnerships between communities and 
higher educational institutions that build on each other's strengths to 
improve higher education, civic engagement, and the overall health of 

The intent of the CCPH Award is to highlight the power and potential of 
community-campus partnerships.  As a strategy, these partnerships can 
contribute to achieving many significant outcomes, including but not 
limited to: eliminating health disparities; producing 
community-responsive, culturally competent health professionals; 
increasing the diversity of the health workforce; expanding access to 
higher education, health care and technology; and advancing economic, 
social and environmental justice.

The award recognizes work being done by community-campus partnerships to 
achieve CCPH strategic goals, including:

*    Combining the knowledge and wisdom in communities and in academic 
institutions to solve major health, social and/or economic challenges.
*    Building the capacity of communities and higher educational 
institutions to engage each other in authentic partnerships.
*    Supporting communities in their work with academic partners.
*    Recognizing and rewarding faculty for community engagement and 
community-engaged scholarship.
*    Developing partnerships that balance power and share resources 
among partners.
*    Ensuring that community-driven social change is central to 
service-learning and community-based participatory research.

Through the CCPH Award we seek to recognize community-campus 
partnerships that:

*    Others can aspire to.
*    Embody the CCPH principles (see
*    Pursue multiple community-campus partnership strategies.
*    Involve a full range of partners.
*    Achieve significant outcomes that go beyond a process or a single 

The CCPH Award recipient will receive:

1.    Public recognition of the partnership's achievements at an award 
presentation ceremony at the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health 
10th anniversary conference, April 11-14, 2007 in Toronto, ON Canada 
(Two partnership representatives will accept the award on behalf of the 
partnership at CCPH's expense).  For more information on the conference, 
2.    Two commemorative plaques.
3.    A press release and newsletter articles announcing the award and 
describing the partnership.
4.    A description of the partnership on the CCPH website, with links 
to the partnership's website.
5.    An opportunity to publish an article about the partnership in one 
of the peer-reviewed publications affiliated with the CCPH 10th 
anniversary conference (for list, see:
6.    Special opportunities to present at CCPH-sponsored forums that 
highlight promising practices.

Any partnerships that are selected for an honorable mention will receive 
#3-#6 above.

To be eligible, the applicant must be an established partnership 
involving one or more community partners and one or more higher 
education partners. By "community partner" we mean an individual, 
organization or agency that contributes to the partnership and is not a 
higher education partner.  By "higher education partner" we mean a 
community college, college, university or residency program (including 
affiliated administrators, faculty, staff and students) that contributes 
to the partnership.

Partnerships must nominate themselves and need not be members of CCPH. 
Partnerships that have applied in the past but did not receive the award 
or honorable mentions may re-submit.   We welcome nominations from any 
country or nation.  CCPH can only accept nominations in English.

For details, please visit

For information on past CCPH Award recipients and honorable mentions, 
please visit

Questions about the CCPH Award, including requests for consultation by
phone, should be sent to award06 at

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Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) promotes health (broadly 
defined) through partnerships between communities and higher educational 
institutions.  We are a growing network of over 1,300 communities and 
campuses throughout the United States, Canada and increasingly the world 
that are collaborating to promote health through service-learning, 
community-based participatory research, broad-based coalitions and other 
partnership strategies.  Become a member today at

CCPH is the Higher Education Senior Program Advisor for the Learn and
Serve America National Service-Learning Clearinghouse.  Visit the
Clearinghouse at

Join CCPH for our 10th Anniversary Conference, April 11-14, 2007 in Toronto
Mobilizing Partnerships for Social Change
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