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Tue Jan 9 08:58:04 CST 2007

[ed: I haven't really received many organizer-focused fundraising messages, so this is kind of new territory, but this seems relevant to the list so I am sending it out.]

From: "Rich Cowan" <rich at>

Organizers Database offers CD to Contributors, Now until 1/10/07

To readers:
  The Organizers' Collaborative has released its long awaited "version 
1.0.1" of its "ODB" open source database/donor management software. This 
Windows based software enables smaller nonprofit and advocacy groups to 
get up and running with a full functioning database very quickly.
  The project is deserving of support, and at this time is offering a 
special premium to donors:
  a) gifts by Wednesday at midnight will be matched by an anonymous donor.
  b) donors of $25 or more will also receive a free, silkscreened CD 
containing the new software, or may designate that the CD be      
shipped to a nonprofit of their choice.

  We encourage you to check out this offer, and the software, by 
visiting their site at:

  by the end of the day on Wednesday, Jan. 10.

  Your gift would help OC continue to serve hundreds of small to medium 
sized nonprofits, enabling these groups to have tools that previously 
were available only to much larger nonprofit organizations, thanks to 
the power of open source.

Organizers' Collaborative
14 Beacon St. Suite 707 - Boston, MA  02108
rich at [email]  - 617.720.6190 [voice] - 617.642.3379 [mobile]

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