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From: "Peter Dreier" <dreier at oxy.edu>

Good analysis of community benefit agreement (including their predecessors,
community reivestment agreements and living wage laws) are:

Greg Leroy, The Great American Jobs Scam
David Reynolds,  Taking the High Road: Communities Organize for Economic
Gregory Squires, ed.,  Organizing Access to Capital: Advocacy and the
Democratization of Financial Institutions
Jared Bernstein, "The Living Wage Movement: Pointing the Way Toward the 
Road" http://www.epinet.org/content.cfm/webfeatures_viewpoints
Robert Pollins and Stephanie Luce, The Living Wage: Building a Fair Economy
Stephanie Luce, Fighting for a Living Wage

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> From: Jacob and Sarah Lesniewski <jshm at uchicago.edu>
> I'm a grad student at University of Chicago, and I'm working
> on a lit review for a professor of mine, seeking to answer
> the question "are community benefit agreements neo-liberal."
> I'm having some challenge finding critiques of community
> benefit agreements as well as trying to gain a historical
> perspective of why this tactic or strategy has emerged.  Any
> help or direction would be fantastic.
> Peace
> Jacob Lesniewski
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