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Thu Jan 4 07:34:12 CST 2007

[ed:  thanks to Kathy for giving us the chance to reflect on the 
options.  Here is the publisher link: ]

From: Kathy Partridge <interfaithfunders at>

I am interested in ordering Transforming the City from my local 
bookstore, a community collective, rather than the Amazon monopoly.  (I 
encourage other Comm-Org folks to seek out local independent bookstores 
as well)  Therefore, I ask to please have the publisher information and 
ISBN number in order to give these to Left Hand Books in Boulder.

I'll list the book on the Interfaith Funders website, and will put a 
link to the publisher, if available, but not to Amazon.


Kathy Partridge
Interfaith Funders

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> From: "Staudt, Kathleen" <kstaudt at>
> Dear Community Organizing List Participants,
> Check out the forthcoming edited collection, TRANSFORMING THE CITY, 
> edited by Marion Orr (U of Kansas Press), including 'blurbs' about the 
> book by Harry Boyte, Mark Warren, and Paul Osterman.  The chapters 
> focus on ACORN, IAF, PICO, and DART in various urban contexts such as 
> Chicago, New Orleans, and El Paso.
> Kathleen (Kathy) Staudt (who co-authored a chapter in the book with 
> Clarence Stone)
> Professor of Political Science
> Director, Center for Civic Engagement
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