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Tue Dec 25 11:16:35 CST 2007

Good morning, COMM-ORG,

I am very pleased to announce the availability of Cheryl Honey's paper, 
"Community Weaving: Creative Solution for a New Century."  In the 
tradition of community building approaches such as asset based community 
development and consensus organizing, this paper presents in detail the 
method of community weaving.

I am also, as I sometimes do, posting one of my papers, "CBR and the Two 
Forms of Social Change," hoping for feedback and discussion.  My paper 
attempts to integrate community organizing and community-based research 

You can find both papers at, in the 
2007 section. 

You will notice there are four currently unlinked papers there also.  I 
am awaiting final approval from the authors.  There should also be one 
or two more papers/reviews for the 2007 collection before I shift to 2008.

Randy Stoecker
rstoecker at

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