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From: Roberto Martinez <roberto at>

“NOA’s Gathering has convened a generational spread of amazing 
organizers from around the country to share stories of our struggles and 
strategize for the future.” Mandy Carter, Durham NC

NOA’s Gathering is back! We scheduled Gathering VI, Building a Campaign 
Movement, for June 29th-July 2nd, 2008 at the National Labor College in 
Silver Spring, Maryland. Staff and the Steering Committee are beginning 
preparations already.

Please help organizers get to Gathering VI by joining the National 
Organizers Alliance or renewing your dues today! (

The first five Gatherings have created spaces for community and labor 
organizers to learn and share, build relationships, celebrate and 
strategize. Organizers have come from all regions in the country, from 
rural and urban communities, labor, environmental justice and immigrant 
communities. We have represented a diversity of age, ethnicity, gender 
and sexual orientation.

“NOA’s Gathering has been a space to build relationships, learn from 
each other, evaluate our work and strategize for the future.” Quote from 
our last survey

Gathering VI will focus some time looking back through the last forty 
years of movement building and examine what has worked, what hasn’t and 
what we can learn from the past to apply in our struggles for change 
today. It will also be a space to dialog and strategize about the nation 
we’re building for the next forty years.

To sustain the costs of Gathering VI, NOA has fundraising plans to 
gather support from our members, supporters, unions and foundations. We 
need $150,000 to make this a successful gathering.

A NOA member has graciously given $5,000 to match gifts from other 
members and supporters, to kick-off fundraising for organizers who need 
help getting to Gathering VI. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of 
2007. Please give a donation of $250, $100, $50 or $35 today!

Thank you,

Tammy Johnson Roberto Martinez
Chair, Gathering VI Planning Committee NOA Deputy Director

NOA Steering Committee

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