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Sat Apr 7 09:10:22 CDT 2007

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Dear  Friends and Colleagues:

The Jewish  Organizing Initiative (JOI) is searching for a new Executive
Director. As  comm-org members probably know, JOI is a really solid 
fellowship and  training program founded and led for many years by 
member Michael
Brown. This is  a great chance for an experienced and motivated  person to
lead a dynamic young organization. JOI offers Jewish  young adults an
opportunity to work in Boston area non profits while learn community  
organizing skills
and exploring their Jewish identity as a group. JOI  Alumni have 
expanded our
programs to include study and support beyond the one  year fellowship, and
have gone on to do great organizing work  elsewhere. The new Executive 
will be responsible for working  with the Board, alumni, staff, and 
Fellows to
grow and  strengthen JOI's great programs both in the Boston area and 

Attached  please find a copy of the job description for JOI's Executive
Director. Please  post this and pass it on to others who might be 
Resumes should be  directed to JOI's consultant, Ann Silverman, by May 
8, 2007.
Emails should  be sent to joiexecutive at
Thanks for your  help passing the word about JOI and this great 
My apologies if you  receive this job notification more than once.

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