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From: Mark Chupp <mark.chupp at case.edu>

I am helping organize an effort to keep an elementary school open in a
diverse first suburb of Cleveland. The board decided to close a school
rather than confront the decline in enrollment across the district.  
Over 75% of the students in the school district are African American
while the city population remains over 50 percent white.

Does anyone have examples or research to address middle class and white
flight from public schools and/or how to better attract families with
children to move to the community and attend public schools? There is a
lot of fear, covert racism, and inaccurate publicity that contributes to
the decline in enrollment.
Mark Chupp
fn:Mark Chupp
org:Case Western Reserve University;Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
adr;dom:;;10900 Euclid Avenue;Cleveland;OH;44106
title:Visiting Assistant Professor

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