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[ed:  thanks to Larry and Stephen for replying to James' query.]

From: Larry Yates <lamaryates at igc.org>


When I was doing research for various articles on cooperatives in the 
late 90s, the National Association of Housing Cooperatives was a good 
resource, and a long view of the history of coops. I don't know the 
folks who work there now.


Larry Yates


From: Stephen Konieczka <Stephen.Konieczka at Colorado.EDU>

You may want to check with the following organizations as well:

UC Davis Center for Cooperatives
National Assoication of Student Cooperatives
National Cooperative Bank
University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
International Co-operative Alliance ICA
NCGA | National Cooperative Grocers Association

-- Stephen Konieczka Graduate Student/Teaching Assistant Communication 
Department Hellems 94, 270 UCB Boulder, CO 80309 303-827-5779 
stephen.konieczka at colorado.edu

> From: James_DeFilippis at baruch.cuny.edu
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for a good, overview piece on the role of co-operatives in
> community development.  I've seen some decent case studies, but was 
> hoping
> for more of a broad picture piece.
> any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
> Thanks, James
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> James DeFilippis
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