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 > Dear all
 > At the "Constructing and Sharing Memory: Community Informatics, Identity
 > and Empowerment" conference in Prato, Italy in October -
 > members of the Community Network Analysis (CNA)
 > team from Brighton will be faciltating a participatory learning workshop
 > (PLW) from which we hope to develop a collaborative CIRN resource.
 > It occurred to me recently that CIRN presents an interesting example of a
 > network in which we  all have clusters of colleagues/friends that we
 > connect with on a frequent basis within CIRN. However, each individual
 > cluster comprises but a fraction of the CIRN membership, its
 > knowledgebase, assets, etc, etc. Most of us are blissfully unaware of 
 > of the CIRN 'network', what they do, how they do it and why, etc.
 > Sure, we have mailing lists which play a significant role in our inter
 > network communications but developing profiles of individuals, let alone
 > mapping the collective story of CIRN from these is very difficult. 
This is
 > where we thought of 'CIRN People' -- a plan for a collaborative resource
 > based on social software, e.g. Foaf, and tagging to develop a CIRN
 > folksonomy, map its assets, and provide space for CIRN people to tell
 > their stories.
 > The idea at this stage is still developmental and we are requesting your
 > ideas, expressions of interest, support etc.
 > To start the ball rolling we are going to focus on developing the CIRN
 > folksonomy (and tag clouds) and making CIRN connections using a CIRN 
 > version of. At this point this is simply a prototype activity and
 > eventually we hope to develop a platform of Open Source CIRN tools 
 > collaboration with CIRN colleagues. Possibilities for such collaboration
 > will be explored at the Prato workshop but comments are welcomed now. 
As a
 > taster we have identified areas of information categories that we think
 > would be useful to know from CIRN 'networkers'. These will form the basis
 > of the folksonomy development and social networking application.
 > Name:
 > DoB:
 > Gender:
 > Place of origin:
 > Place of residence:
 > Place of work:
 > Area of research:
 > Other areas of research interest:
 > Areas of theoretical knowledge:
 > Practical CI skills:
 > Previous research experience:
 > People I've worked with:
 > People I know:
 > Social software recommendations:
 > 50 words (tags) to describe Community Informatics:
 > Please feel free to contribute your ideas, criticisms and/or express an
 > interest in the collaboration. Please note that at this moment there 
is no
 > funding for these activities. It will start as a labour of love. Where it
 > goes from there remains to be seen.
 > Best regards
 > Peter

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