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From: "Jeri Schneider" <jeris at umich.edu>

Herb and everyone,

I just got this today--Michigan Peaceworks, based in Ann Arbor, just
released a new 21 page publication called "Inspiring Youth Activism: A
'how-to' reference guide for peace activists seeking to initiate and
nurture a youth peace network," by Tony Morgan, Phillis Engelbert, and
Laura Russello, available for download at
http://www.michiganpeaceworks.org/youth_manual.html. It is based on
successful youth peace groups organized in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti
(Michigan) and includes chapters on Assembling a Youth Outreach Team,
Holding a Youth Peace Summit, Achieving Diversity in the Youth Peace
Movement, and Reforming Schools' Policies for Opting Out (of Military
Recruiters' Databases).

Please add this publication to the other resources for youths organizing
for peace around the country.

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> query.]
> From: "Herbert Rubin" <hrubin at niu.edu>
> I got a call from a leader in a peace group in an adjacent town about a
> problem they are facing with school board that is not allowing them 
> access to
> the local high school.  I didn't have an answer;  any help would be
> appreciated,  probably best sent privately to hrubin at niu.edu
> Here's the situation:  The military, by law, has access to high school
> students and has set up a table in the high school for recruitment. The
> local peace group wants parallel access, asked and was stonewalled by the
> school board. The board claims that the law requires military access 
> (that's
> correct), that the campus is a closed campus, and in any case it does not
> want political commentary.  (And then claimed that the military is non
> political).
> Any ideas (better yet precedents of how access to high schools were 
> obtained
> by Peace Groups) would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Herb Rubin
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