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Progressive Technology Project  has designed a brand new training
program for new and old organizers who are interested in building their
technology skills.
 Attend TechCamp to build the basic technolog skills that community
organizers need for community organizing. If you're working in community
organizing, you'll want to make your way to TechCamp

 This is what you can expect from 3 days at PTP's TechCamp:
    * You will build basic skills in key technology competency areas for
community organizing:
          o Basic computer skills: keyboarding, file manipulation, file
types and more
          o Intro to common database applications - Filemaker and Access
          o Database skills - manipulating data, running queries,
generating reports
          o Email and Internet - using email, managing your inbox,
dealing with spam, using the web - finding and managing information
          o Maintenance - basic hardware troubleshooting and repair,
basic networking, basic file server survival skills
          o Financially sustaining your technology: how to raise the
funds to maintain your technology infrastructure
    * You will learn about technology in a collaborative, supportive
environment with fellow organizers who face the same challenges that you

Who is PTP's TechCamp for?

This training is for community organizers, leaders, and supporters from
grassroots community-led organizations engaged in systemic social
change. It is designed for people interested in building their basic
computer skills.TechCamp is a training for organizers by trainers who
understand organizing. TechCamp is built on PTP's foundation of 7 years
of strategic technology training for community organizing

Top Five Reasons for Going to TechCamp:
   1. TechCamp improves your computer proficiency and confidence.
   2. TechCamp enables you to work more effectively within your
organization's technology environment.
   3. TechCamp brings you into PTP's peer to peer learning community of
techies and organizers.
   4. TechCamp builds your relationships with other like-minded people.
   5. TechCamp will help your organization win more victories!


      TechCamp will take place from Noon August 1, 2006 to Noon August
4th, 2006. It will be held in conjunction with the Global Information
Internship Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

      JUNE 30, 2006
      COST: (including tuition, computer lab time, room and board)
      * $315 per person for double occupancy room in a shared University
      * $365 per person for single occupancy room in a shared University

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