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[ed:  Herb thanks the list.  And it's nice to hear that so many people 
reply, since most replies apparently not coming to the list.  It would 
be nice to see more of those great replies myself.]

From: "Herbert Rubin" <hrubin at niu.edu>

A while back I posted for a friend who was requesting help in working with
high students who are being recruited by the military without being allowed
to hear a counter view.  The response has been wonderful and I thank all 
answered.  I've shared the material with the activist group in the adjacent
town  (though of last reports they are being stonewalled by the school

The technical information of course is of value.  But on a more personal
level, knowing that there are dozens and dozens of social change activists
who are readily willing to help their brothers and sisters is of equal
import  by showing that that none of us are alone when battling an
entrenched establishment.

Thanks for both the advice and for providing a morale boost in these very
troubling times

Herb Rubin

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"A community will evolve only when the people control
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> From: "Herbert Rubin" <hrubin at niu.edu>
> I got a call from a leader in a peace group in an adjacent town about a
> problem they are facing with school board that is not allowing them 
> access to
> the local high school.  I didn't have an answer;  any help would be
> appreciated,  probably best sent privately to hrubin at niu.edu
> Here's the situation:  The military, by law, has access to high school
> students and has set up a table in the high school for recruitment. The
> local peace group wants parallel access, asked and was stonewalled by the
> school board. The board claims that the law requires military access 
> (that's
> correct), that the campus is a closed campus, and in any case it does not
> want political commentary.  (And then claimed that the military is non
> political).
> Any ideas (better yet precedents of how access to high schools were 
> obtained
> by Peace Groups) would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Herb Rubin
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