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Job Description

Center for Community Change Posting Date
Position Title
Field Organizer Location
Northwest/West Region

Mission statement of the Center:

The Center for Community Change is a large national non-profit 
organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. Its mission is to promote 
the development of community organizing as a national force for social 
and economic justice. CCC focuses on building the power and capacity of 
low-income people, especially low income people of color, to change 
their communities and public policies for the better. Founded in 1968, 
it is known for its role in supporting the national and grassroots 
coalitions that led to the creation of the food stamps program, the 
enactment of the Community Reinvestment Act, the growth of Community 
Development Corporations, and large-scale preservation of low income 
housing. More recently, the Center led efforts to secure a refundable 
child tax credit and restored food stamp eligibility for thousands of 
immigrant households. For further information, please visit our website 

Position Description: The Field Organizer in the NW/West region will 
provide support to community-based organizations (CBOs) in the region, 
with the ultimate goal of increasing the power and scale of those 
organizations and ensuring that underrepresented populations and 
geographic areas are effectively served. The Field Organizer will 
provide assistance to grassroots organizations on organizing initiatives 
at the local, state and national level and help link local and regional 
organizations to others across the region and country when appropriate. 
The NW/West region encompasses the states of: Oregon, Washington, Idaho 
Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Initially, roughly 70% of the Field Organizer’s time will involve 
project management of CCC’s Native American organizing project in Rapid 
City, South Dakota and entails coaching, training and oversight. This 
new organization is in a Sponsoring Committee phase and is developing 
its first member base around an issue campaign to address cultural 
competency and structural measures in the state’s Food Stamp Program. 
The remainder of the Field Organizer’s time will be dedicated to work in 
the NW/West region.

Job Duties and responsibilities

oversight, coaching and training of project staff and leaders in 
campaign issue development and execution; member recruitment and 
development; leadership development; strategic ally development; and 
grassroots fundraising development; financial management. Assist in 
fundraising efforts.

+ Strategic Base and Leader Development: Help CBOs advance their 
organizing to become more strategic and proactive in their planning and 
execution of member recruitment and development and leadership 
development to achieve a powerful base that can impact policy change on 
a broader scope and scale.
+ Strategic Campaign Development: Assist grassroots organizations to 
develop approaches and strategies to work on proactive policy 
initiatives. This may include working with staff and leaders of 
organizations to identify organizing opportunities with respect to 
particular issues, methods for engaging low-income people in policy 
debates, and tactics for raising and reframing issues in the public debate.
+ Strategic Alliance Building: Help CBOs develop and implement 
strategies for building alliances, partnerships, and coalitions with 
other organizations to enhance their power and capacity to win on 
issues, to launch programs, and to achieve their long term social change 
goals in state and national arenas.
+ Organizational Development: Provide organizational development, 
fundraising, institutional support and the myriad issues that are 
necessary for successful growth and maturation for a grassroots 

+ Execute strategies to recruit and engage additional grassroots 
organizations in identified campaigns, and identify the potential fit 
between the organizations’ work and that of the Center for Community Change.
+ Support coordinated national and/or state campaigns on specific issues 
which bring together grassroots strategies with media, research and 
policy tools for national and/or state impact.
+ Staff coalitions of grassroots organizations that the Center may help 
to initiate to work on issues at the regional or national level.

+ Collaborate with local, regional, and national organizing, training, 
and technical assistance organizations to build new grassroots 
organizations and support existing ones in the areas assigned by the 
National Field Director or his/her designee.

+ Serve as the Center's lead contact staff to CBO’s as assigned by the 
National Field Director or his/her designee.
+ Perform other duties as assigned by the National Field Director or 
his/her designee.

+ Represent CCC, particularly the Field Division, in a professional 
manner within the organization, to CBOs, funders, allied organizations, 
in assigned groups and committees and
+ Compliance with administrative duties is mandatory.


o Minimum of five years in community organizing and in implementing 
local, state or national policy initiatives on poverty or race issues. 
Experience in non-partisan electoral work is helpful.
o Experience in community organizing, including: basic principles of 
community organizing, development of leaders and organizations in an 
organizing context, issues and campaign development, training new 
organizers and leadership development.
o Experience organizing with Native American populations preferred.
o Demonstrated experience in organizational assessment and development, 
including knowledge of, and ability to, deliver assistance and training 
on most aspects of organizational development and strategic organizing 
principles and practices.
o Familiarity with and openness to different approaches to grassroots 
organizing and policy work.
o Strong facilitation skills.
o Financial expertise and budget management.
o Ability to work democratically and effectively with diverse groups and 
o Willing to work long flexible hours and to travel extensively.

o Excellent oral and written communication skills.
o Excellent administrative skills.
o Strong team player, familiar with team dynamics and willingness to 
work in a team environment.
o Strong commitment to social justice and social change.
o Familiarity with some of the issues that the Center currently works 
on, including jobs & income support, healthcare, housing, immigration.
o Knowledge of language other than English encouraged.

This position reports to: Northwest/West Team Leader

Salary & Benefits: CCC offers a competitive salary and an excellent 
benefits package.
Closing Date of Position: Open until filled

To apply: Submit resume and cover letter, writing sample and three (3) 
references to:

Human Resources
Attn: Field Organizer – Northwest/West Region
Center for Community Change
1536 U Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(Fax) 202-387-4891
employment at

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