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Sun May 14 19:54:37 CDT 2006

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From: maafisch at iupui.edu

Local organizing advice needed

I am a recent graduate of Indiana University School of Social Work.
Last week, while attempting to get a woman in a domestic violence
situation to go to the local shelter, one of her excuses for not doing
so was the lack of child care – someone she knew had gone to the
shelter and had absolutely no support in the care of her children, she
even had to take them into the bathroom when she showered!

I contacted the shelter about this issue and Indiana requires licensure
for daycare that is too expensive for the shelter’s budget. I hope to
organize a local community movement to provide volunteers to help with
daycare for children of the victims in this shelter.

Can anyone advise the most likely grant sources to fund a local
community organizing project such as this?

Thank you,

Mark Fischer

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