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Last Sunday more than 700 people from across New Orleans met at
St. Gabriels Church in one of the most devastated neighborhoods
in the city to determine the future of their city. They
challenged two men who want to lead New Orleans for the next
four years to put residents at the center of the rebuilding of a
great American city.

Yet sadly all the efforts of residents, volunteers and faith
communities are not enough to rebuild and transform New Orleans
without federal aid that is still blocked in Washington. Eight
months after Katrina and weeks before the 2006 Hurricane season,
families have yet to receive a penny in federal aid to rebuild
their homes. Amazing as it sounds, Congress is still debating
emergency assistance to the region.

Please add your voice to those calling for Congress to quickly
pass an emergency spending bill with full funding for levees and
housing, including $202 million for rental assistance, $5.2
billion for housing and community development and $1.2 billion
for Katrina Cottages and other alternatives to flimsy and
expensive FEMA travel trailers. Visit
http://ga3.org/ct/M7_svVd1_R61/ to send a personalized e-mail
to your member of Congress.

Continuing a campaign begun in September, the 52 federations in
PICO, led by Louisiana Interfaiths Together and All
Congregations Together in New Orleans, are working to keep
Louisiana in the news. Today, with assistance from News
Broadcast Network and Sutherland Media Productions, PICO
released a national Video News Release (VNR) on conditions in
New Orleans, available to every local TV station in the United

Visit http://ga3.org/ct/N1_svVd1_R6a/ to see this powerful 3
minute video. Call your local TV station and urge them to run
the VNR so that the plight of New Orleans and Gulf Coast
families does not fall off the radar screen.

On behalf of the clergy and leaders from the more than 100
religious congregations and six faith-based federations that
make up Louisiana Interfaiths Together (PICO LIFT) I thank you
for your support at this difficult time.


Rev. Jennifer Jones-Bridgett, Executive Director
Louisiana Interfaiths Together


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