New episodes available of Battle Stories, The first community organizing video podcast.

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Wed May 3 18:27:39 CDT 2006

From: Jake Lowen <jake at>

Two new updates on Battle Stories, The first community organizing  
video podcast online at

5/3/06 - National People's Action, a national neighborhoods  
conference where community organizing takes center stage is this  
weekend. This year will be NPA's 35th year anniversary and to  
celebrate, this week's podcast will feature video highlights of the  
last 35 years of NPA. In the video you will see clips of direct  
action targeting some of the most powerful people in the word  
including a special appearance by Karl Rove.
You can watch it at:

4/26/06 - A victory story about a successful campaign to put pressure  
on a slum lord to shut down a crack house that was operating less  
than 100 from a youth center. What makes it interesting was the high  
profile nature of the slum lord who coincidentally, was also a Pastor  
in a Wichita Church.
You can watch at:

Special thanks to everyone who has submitted a story to be featured  
on Battle Stories. Look for your submission to be posted soon. If you  
want to submit a video or writings about empowering stories of  
community organizing please contact me at jake at  I would  
be interesting in hearing how people discovered community organizing  
as a career.


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