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Wed May 3 18:25:35 CDT 2006

From: "PICO National Network" <gwhitman at piconetwork.org>

With Hurricane season around the corner PICO is pressing
Congress to quickly finish work on supplemental spending
legislation that includes adequate funding to rebuild Gulf Coast
housing and repair levees protecting the New Orleans region.

PICO is concerned that long-delayed funding is now mired in a
political fight in Congress over spending, and that Louisiana
may not receive the full funding it needs to rebuild.

Our message is that the supplemental spending bill (H.R. 4939)
includes important housing and levee assistance that should not
be lost in the shuffle. The Senate is expected to vote early
next week; then during May the House and Senate negotiate their
differences in a closed-door Conference Committee.

Many PICO organizations are contacting their members of Congress
to urge them to support housing and levee funding.

PICO is also circulating a sign-on letter to Majority Leader
Frist and Speaker Hastert and encouraging denominations and
other organizations to add their names to the letter.

People are urged to call their Members of Congress at (202)
224-3121 or visit http://ga3.org/ct/p7_svVd1Zmb_/ to send
personalized e-mail messages to their Members of Congress.

On May 7 All Congregations Together in New Orleans is holding a
Mayoral Forum on Housing Policy to make sure that the voices of
families shape the future of the New Orleans region.

On May 8 PICO is launching a national media campaign to remind
Americans and members of Congress that 25 days before the
official start of Hurricane Season Katrina families have still
not received a penny in federal aid to rebuild their homes.

For more information on PICO's Rebuilding Louisiana campaign at
the local, state and national level visit


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