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From: "Bukola Ekundayo" <njacorn at>

ACORN New Jersey - the Association of Community Organizations for
Reform Now - is looking for an Activist/ Organizer.

The role of the Activist/Organizer is to build organization in low and
moderate-income communities around health care and other issues. House
by house, family by family, organizers hear from community residents
about their healthcare issues and the solutions they would propose.
They work with community residents to hold meetings, do research on
key issues, and develop campaign strategies to get these issues
addressed. The ACORN Activist/Organizer's job is to work for the
membership of ACORN, helping them build the power they need to win on
the issues that are most important to them and their communities.

ACORN is the nation's largest grassroots social justice organization,
with more than a quarter million members throughout the country, as
well as Canada, Mexico, and Peru. Together, ACORN staff and members
fight for affordable housing, living wages, and civil rights. Through
lobbying, protests, meetings, and actions, ACORN has won countless
campaigns on behalf of low and moderate-income families.

ACORN provides an ideal work setting for those committed to fighting
for civil rights issues and interested in working in a fast-paced,
exciting environment. The hours can be long, the campaigns can be
exhausting ý but the end results are ALWAYS worth it.

Responsibilities: Recruiting members, identify pressing social issues,
developing leaders, organizing meetings, rallies, protests, press
conferences, marches, etc. and running campaigns.

· Applicants should be committed to economic justice, social change,
and working with diverse neighborhoods.
· Strong Communication and Managerial Skills Necessary
· Office Work/Field Work (Any Field Work Requiring Transportation is
· Some College or College Degree.
· Ability to Work with People from Various Cultural and Economic 

We Offer:
Paid Training: A training wage of $18,200
$25,000 (Upon completion of the training program)
Advancement and Travel Opportunities
Excellent Benefits and Full Health (Medical & Dental) Coverage

Bukola Ekundayo
New Jersey ACORN
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Tel: 973 645 0658
Fax:973 645 0095

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