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Job Description
Preservation Community Organizer

Vieux Carré Property Owners, Residents and Associates, Inc.
New Orleans, Louisiana


The job requires being a strong and effective:
Organization builder
Committee builder/trainer
Financial Development coordinator
Organizational coordinator
“Behind the scenes”-style leader
Politically savvy thinker and practitioner
Big-picture thinker and doer
Patient and people-skilled leader


This position is not that of an “advocate”. In some ways, being an
“organizer” is harder than being an advocate. In a world in which it’s
often “easier to just do it yourself”, organizing represents achieving
victories by effectively helping other people succeed, by teaching them how
to strategize, organize, inspire and motivate. This leads to not just
winning issues, but a process of finding new leaders and building the

The person in this position will help VCPORA develop its structure and
operate according to its structure. This person does not and cannot do the
work of the committee chairs; rather, this person helps the committee chairs
reach their own potential in terms of leadership and results.

Success will be seen by the numbers of people involved, goals accomplished
and campaigns won. Different types of involvement include issue work,
support work, strong financial development and strategic recruitment.


- Develop thorough understanding of the mission of the organization as
directed by the president and the board of directors.

- The French Quarter is an affluent neighborhood. Fundraising to date
has come primarily from dues and an annual gala. Money is power. Train and
work with financial development team to diversify and continue to increase

- Spend time meeting with leaders within the organization and
community to take stock of leaders and resources within the organization

- With the board and committee chairs, develop an organizational
strategy to create meaningful change in governmental policies regarding the
Vieux Carré, including short-term and long-term goals

- Train and assist committee leaders in developing strategic plans
which define campaigns, break campaigns down into winnable goals, objectives
and tactics, and set timelines for accomplishing objectives.

- Train and educate committee chairs and members on how to conduct
effective meetings with decision makers and power brokers

- Train and educate committee chairs on how to use committees to build
membership base with new members who will work to support the mission and
objectives of the organization

- Help the organization develop strategic alliances


Demonstrated and successful experience in above duties
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Superb organizational skills
Valid driver's license and car

The Vieux Carré Property Owners, Residents and Associates, Inc.

This 501(c)3 organization was founded in 1938 in New Orleans’ French
Quarter (also known as the Vieux Carré) as one of the first historic
preservation organizations in the nation. It currently has about 600
members and a 17 person board, representing categories of property owners,
renters and even people from outside the area who are concerned about the
protection of this “landmark” historic district.

VCPORA is committed to not only preserving the architecture found here, but
also to keeping the French Quarter as a viable, living neighborhood, which
is not easy considering the commercial pressures created from the millions
of annual tourists. Problems include lack of city enforcement of laws and
regulations, city indifference to zoning protections, nightclub noise and

This is an organization with a strong, proud history. The right candidate
will embrace the positions of this organization, not try to change them, and
will be happy playing this key support role behind the scenes, working
through VCPORA’s board and members in order to help the organization achieve
its mission while building new leaders.

For More Information/To Apply: To apply, please send résumé, cover letter
and salary requirements to VCPORA, P.O. Box 50787, New Orleans, LA 70150. Or
e-mail to ellen at

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