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 > See the "Truth;" Work the "Truth!"
 > By Ted Glick for the U.S. Climate Emergency Council
 > An Inconvenient Truth, the climate crisis movie, continues to be 
shown all over the country. Over the next several weeks it is opening in 
new theatres in 43 states while it continues to play in many of those 
where it opened over the last few weeks.
 > Local climate activists are working with the movie's producers so 
that its power is magnified through outreach and organizing at the 
showings. Several days ago people from around the country met via 
conference call to discuss their experiences. We all felt this movie is 
a valuable resource for all of us who understand the urgency of the 
climate crisis and the need to build a stronger grassroots movement 
around it.
 > We urge other organizers to check out where it is playing in your 
area and make every effort to both see and do outreach at it. If it 
hasn't opened yet where you live, try to be there on the opening 
weekend. You can go to to find out more. There are 
a lot of new places where it's opening this weekend, and then again the 
following weekend and into July.
 > Here's what we've been doing and what we've learned:
 > 1) The best thing to do is to try to get into the theatre to be able 
to do a "public service announcement" for a minute before the movie is 
shown. Contact independent, non-chain theatres in advance, the ones most 
likely to say "yes," explain that you are working with the producers of 
the movie (our network is) and would like to do a short public service 
announcement (psa) to movie attendees to give people an opportunity to 
learn about groups working on the global warming issue. If you're 
successful, take literature (we have one you can use and/or modify) and 
take sign-up sheets (we have one of those too) on clipboards that can be 
passed around for people to sign up.
 > Let us hear from you and we'll send you the leaflet and sign-up sheet 
and a more in-depth "how-to" explanation of how this approach has worked 
 > 2) If the management of the independent theatre(s) isn't willing to 
let you do a "psa" in the theatre before the show starts, ask them about 
setting up a table in the lobby. If that works, when you set up the 
table be sure to work it actively. Don't just sit there waiting for 
people to come to you. Stand next to and in front of the table, pass out 
your leaflet, talk to people about signing up to be on a mailing list, etc.
 > 3) If you can't get into the theatre, you can still do a lot of good 
work outside it when people are coming out of the movie. It works best 
if you have three to five people, kind of a dragnet, with clipboards and 
sign-up sheets so you can have more effective coverage of the crowd.
 > 4) If the only theatre in town showing it is a movie chain, or if you 
have enough people that you can go to one of these too, and they're at a 
mall where the sidewalk in front of the theatre is technically "private 
property," you should give it a shot anyway. Some managers will have no 
problem with this, either because they don't see you, they don't care if 
you're doing this or, if they come out and say something to you, you're 
able to convince them that, since we're doing this in conjunction with 
the movie producers, they should let you do it.
 > The climate crisis calls out for us to get out there speaking and 
organizing about the need to understand and act upon it now. Let's do it!
 > (In addition to sample leaflets, sign-up sheets and how-to's for 
in-the-theatre work, we have minutes of our recent call that will also 
give you ideas and inspiration. To get any or all of these write to me 
at usajointheworld at or call me at 973-338-5398.)

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