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TechCamp Registration Deadline is coming up fast, register today
to reserve your place

PTP's TechCamp - Essential Technology Skills for Community
Organizers - Noon Aug 1 to noon Aug 4 at UC Santa Cruz.
Free Tuition - you pay only for computer lab time plus room and


5. TechCamp improves your computer proficiency and confidence.
4. TechCamp enables you to work more effectively within your
organization's technology environment.
3. TechCamp brings you into PTP's peer to peer learning
community of techies and organizers.
2. TechCamp builds your relationships with other like-minded
1. TechCamp will help your organization win more victories!


* An orientation to the Windows/Mac operating systems.
This includes skills related to effectively work with files and
folders, as well as basic maintenance of the operating system
* Appropriate use of email and internet, including dealing
with Spam and effective web search strategies
* Microsoft Word and Excel : what are the basic things
you need to know how to do with each application – create basic
documents, manipulate data, up through doing a data merge
(mail merge)
* Databases – what they are, how they integrate with
community organizing, as well as the basics of using Filemaker
and Access
* Working with graphics for documents and fliers
* Layout for organizers: or how to make fliers that
don't suck.
* Strategies for raising funds to support technology use
in community organizing

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