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From: "Larry Bresler" <lbresler at organizeohio.org>

National Truth Commission in Cleveland, July 15-17

On July 15-17 beginning at 10:00 am each day, the Poor People's Economic
Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) will be holding the National Truth
Commission.  It will be held in and around Lincoln Park in Cleveland. It
will be an event where poor people's organizations and allies from across
the country will come to Cleveland to highlight and document our country's
failure to advance the elimination of poverty in the United States.

This summer's Truth Commission will provide a platform for poor and working
people from across the country to tell the stories, first hand, of the
economic human rights violations they are experiencing in their lives.  A
panel of local, state, national and international leaders will serve as
commissioners to hear this testimony and draw findings at the conclusion of
the event.  A report summarizing the Commission's testimony and findings
will also be published following the event.

On July 15 the Truth Commission itself will be conducted.  On July 16 the
Arts & Culture day of the movement will be featured. The day will consist of
workshops, music, live painting, children focused events, poetry, and other
artistic demonstrations on using and celebrating arts and culture for social
change. July 17 will be a day of action that will highlight the findings of
the July 15 Truth Commission.  Following the Truth Commission there will be
a three day mini-leadership school to be held at John Carroll University.

There is no cost for the event and meals will be provided.  Participants
will be able to camp for free in local churches and community centers.
There are also a block of hotel rooms reserved at $60 per night that are
within short driving distance and are accessible to public transportation.
All are welcome to attend.  If you plan to attend we would appreciate if you
let us know so that we can prepare for an adequate amount of food and
materials.  The registration form can be found at
http://www.economichumanrights.org/docs/NTC_Registration_Form.pdf. For more
information contact Larry Bresler a 216-431-6070 or email
lbresler at organizeohio.org



Larry Bresler

Organize! Ohio

3616 Superior Ave., Bldg 31

Cleveland, OH 44114

(216) 431-6070

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