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Sun Jun 18 10:47:42 CDT 2006

From: Jake Lowen <jake at jakelowen.com>

Last Saturday, Loanmax paid over $50,000 to attempt to shut down a 
community forum in Wichita, KS hosted by Sunflower Community Action 
that was critical of Loanmax's abusive loan practices. The Auto title 
loan establishment which charges customers interests rates of over 
250%  recruited  400+ people off the streets, gave them $100, a t-
shirt, and a box lunch in an attempt to stack the meeting in their 

It backfired.

What else will these loan sharks resort to in order to shut down 
community scrutiny?  Congrats to Sunflower Community Action for 
taking on this important issue and exposing to the world just how 
dirty Loanmax can be.

For more details go to: www.jakelowen.com

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