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Douglas City Council Passes Resolution Today Against Border Militarization
and Walls

After the Senate bill passed two weeks ago that puts our homes and
businesses on the border at risk of the bulldozer Border Action Network
launched a drive to stop the triple walls and protect our communities: 
No to
border militarization! Not at the cost of our communities! In the next two
months we will bring together city officials, businesses, churches and
community members in all four border states to defend our communities and
insist in policies that reflect the realities and priorities of border

The City Council declared today "ineffective Federal policies will
negatively impact local economies". The resolution points out that "the
communities of Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta Sonora, Mexico are joined
together not divided, as one region by the border, its people, culture and

Two weeks ago our allies at the Border Network for Human Rights 
got a similar resolution passed in El Paso. Border communities are 
united in
their belief that we need a "safe and humane approach that should recognize
the dignity and worth of every human life."

For more information:

The movement for human rights is growing and Border Action Network is
building the infrastructure to take the movement forward. Join people 
the country in our call for justice.

Last Friday, Border Action's Tucson leadership met to analyze the current
immigration reform debate. As we face either no final legislation or a
horrific bill that further criminalizes immigrant families, our discussion
naturally led to the question of why we are in this fight and what we want
to win.

It was unanimously agreed that even if we win permanent residency for every
undocumented immigrant who wants it, our struggle is still not over. 
rights of U.S. citizens are not respected. Our landlords still exploit us
with high rents and unsafe living conditions. We wait for hours in clinics
that are poorly staffed and overpriced. The conclusion: Border Action
Network is dedicated to fighting the long fight for human dignity.

In small groups, men, women and youth leaders answered the question: "what
do we need to live a dignified life." The result of this process is a 
set of
political priorities that reflect Border Action's vision for social change
and vision for our communities.

1. Permanent Residency
2. Civil & Constitutional Rights
3. Labor Rights
4. Human Mobility
5. Family Unification
6. Access to Education
7. Health Care & Healthy Communities
8. Dignified Housing
9. Culture
10. Dignity, Respect & Equality
11. Civic Participation

This list will be reviewed and modified by our Nogales and Douglas leaders
and as each new human rights organizing committee is formed, they too will
participate in a process of defining and agreeing on long term political
priorities. This is an important step in building a democratic organization
that can articulate what we are working for, who is involved and how we are
going to work towards it. A life with dignity is a life worth struggling

We need your contributions to make it happen. Your $10, $20, $50 or $100
will make a difference. Please donate securely online at

We're a lean and mean organization that is getting results. No fancy desks,
no DC lobbyists. Just thousands of immigrants, border residents and their
allies working together for lives with dignity.

These victories would not have happened without you. But we still have a
long way to go. Please contribute now at or mail your
contribution to Border Action Network PO Box 384 Tucson AZ 85702

Randy Stoecker

Associate Professor 

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