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Yesterday Metro Organizations for People (MOP) released
Unraveling the Denver Public Schools Budget: Toward Transparency
and Equity through Weighted Student Funding. The report by MOP
analyzes budgeting in the Denver Education system; presents
MOP's research on "weighted" funding as a more transparent and
equitable method of funding education; and supports the district
in moving forward with the adoption of a weighted student
funding system that establishes greater weights for low-income
students and English language learners.

Visit to view the full report.

The MOP report uncovers the inequities created by traditional
average teacher salary systems and looks at the potential of the
Denver's ProComp teacher compensation model to at least
partially address this issue. Through the publication of this
research MOP continues its role alongside others in the reform
community as a powerful voice for high quality education for all
our children.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation and Making Connections Denver
supported the research and publication of the report, which MOP
developed with assistance from Marguerite Roza, Ph.D. of the
Center for Reinventing Public Education at the University of

In addition to the report, MOP also produced a community summary
of the basic findings along with MOP's policy positions in
English and Spanish. MOP believes it is essential that parents,
students and community members understand and participate in the
process of transforming Budget practices.

Visit to view the Community
Summary in English: A Fair Share for Every Child.

Visit to view the summary in
Spanish, Resumen en español: Lo Justo para Cada Niño.

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information visit


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