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The Pushback Network (PBN) is an exciting new civic participation and 
voter engagement initiative designed and directed by experienced 
community organizers representing leading base-building organizations in 
six states across the country. PBN is seeking top-notch candidates with 
experience in community organizing and electoral work to be considered 
for PBN's national "Coordinating Director" position. Information about 
the job and how to apply for it, and background on PBN and its work follow.



The Pushback Network (PBN) seeks a dynamic individual with significant 
experience in the community organizing and electoral arenas to serve as 
PBN's Coordinating Director. As the lead staff person for the Network, 
reporting to PBN's Steering Committee (SC), the Director will facilitate 
the SC's planning and decision-making, assist in implementation of 
selected efforts, establish and manage a national office, and coordinate 
major activities of the Network.

Specifically, the Coordinating Director will:
o Coordinate organizational and resource development efforts, taking 
lead roles as appropriate in strategic planning, alliance building, fund 
raising, and communications
o Coordinate and help facilitate SC meetings, including SC committee 
meetings, and staff SC-directed training, technical assistance, 
convening, and other initiatives where appropriate
o Refine systems for and manage the PBN re-granting program which will 
include providing substantial grants for voter engagement work in all of 
PBN's participating states
o Take primary responsibility for preparing cohesive and compelling 
written documents, including funding proposals, informational materials, 
progress reports and other pieces, drawing on materials developed by 
PBN's partner organizations wherever appropriate
o Facilitate development and implementation of PBN's evaluation and 
learning strategies
o Take responsibility as PBN's primary point of contact for outside 
inquiries and coordinate communications with funders and allies
o Refine and manage PBN's internal communications system
o Hire and supervise national staff, and consultants when appropriate
o Take responsibility for assuring effective planning, budgeting and 
day-to-day management of PBN's finances in coordination with PBN's 
fiscal agent
o Represent PBN at national and state meetings where appropriate
o Other responsibilities as determined by the SC


Candidates for the Coordinating Director position must have at least 
five years of significant experience in the community organizing arena 
including substantial experience with voter engagement strategies. 
Candidates must possess or demonstrate:
o Broad and deep knowledge, and commitment to the principles, of 
community organizing as focused particularly on building the power of 
low-income communities and communities of color
o Commitment to social justice and change consistent with PBN's 
principles and goals
o Effectiveness in hands-on community organizing work and in 
alliance-building among community organizing groups and between these 
groups and other types of organizations
o Effectiveness in team-building, and in facilitating and managing 
participatory decision making processes
o Ability to work well and democratically with diverse people, cultures 
and communities and, in particular, with grassroots community organizations
o Knowledge and successful experience in fund raising to support social 
change efforts
o Excellent communications skills - writing, speaking, media relations
o Excellent strategic thinking and planning abilities
o Resilience and enthusiasm

o Relevant knowledge and experience at both local and national levels
o Experience in developing start-up social justice organizations
o Experience as a leader or primary staff person in work aimed at 
empowering communities of color

The Pushback Network prefers to establish its national office in Los 
For fiscal and administrative purposes, PBN is currently a project of 
SCOPE, based in Los Angeles, and PBN's Coordinating Director will become 
a SCOPE employee. SCOPE offers a competitive salary and benefits package.


Qualified applicants should submit a current resume and a cover letter 
describing their reasons for applying for this position. The position 
will remain open until filled. Resumes and letters should be sent by 
email as soon as possible to PBN's interim coordinator, Larry Parachini, 
at larrychini at



The Pushback Network (PBN) is a newly created alliance of independent 
community organizing groups across the country committed to building 
electoral power for communities of color and low-income and working 
communities. Currently, PBN is developing and implementing voter 
engagement and other civic participation strategies in six states: New 
York, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, and California.
PBN's partners are among the nation's most experienced, effective and 
respected social change organizations at the state and local levels. Our 
constituents have long been relegated to the nation's political margins. 
They are: low-income African American, Latino, and Asian/Pacific 
Islander communities; immigrants; women; youth; people on public 
assistance; seniors; and the working poor. Our base is in a combination 
of traditionally progressive regions, conservative strongholds and areas 
that are in the midst of rapid demographic and political change.
Our community organizing strategies reflect multi-dimensional approaches 
to challenging the structural barriers to social and economic 
advancement for poor people and people of color. We have built power for 
local and regional campaigns by organizing multiple sectors - social 
justice groups, environmental justice, labor, and faith-based 
organizations. Collectively, PBN organizations have led campaigns that 
have redirected tens of millions of public dollars to combat poverty and 
have challenged a range of campaign targets to address root causes of 
economic inequality.
As partners in forming PBN late last year, our long-term goal is to 
achieve a significant breakthrough in civic participation that will 
bring a new and powerful voice to the national electorate. Our joint 
work is getting underway now.

Pushback Network's partners are:
Community Voices Heard in New York
NY Jobs with Justice in New York
Kentuckians for the Commonwealth in Kentucky
Greater Birmingham Ministries in Alabama
Southern Echo in Mississippi
Southwest Organizing Project in New Mexico
Environmental Health Coalition in San Diego, CA
Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education in Los Angeles, CA

PBN is a state-based, peer-to-peer network engaged in collaborative 
efforts to increase the effectiveness of groups doing electoral work on 
the ground. Our partner organizations are working with each other to 
develop common strategies and connect their existing infrastructures to 
advance learning, support each other and pursue large-scale voter 
engagement operations. PBN provides overall direction, coordination, 
technical assistance, financial resources, accountability mechanisms, 
and evaluation processes.
To implement our program in each state, PBN's partners are anchoring the 
development of state alliances that meet PBN's specifications. As a 
network, PBN will coordinate a range of assistance to facilitate the 
development and improve the effectiveness of state alliances, primarily 
through common or collective strategies. These include:
o Strategy Development - involving the integration of voter engagement 
work with community organizing, research and strategic communications.
o Training: Common Strategies and Programs - coordinating collaborative 
training for the development of skills and information to advance civic 
participation, based on the best practices of both the PBN partners and 
the field at large. Training will feature: building a grassroots 
precinct leader network; alliance building; strategic targeting; working 
with unions; developing field and GOTV programs; integrating policy 
campaigns with electoral organizing; and strategic communications.
o Common Assets - where appropriate, PBN will coordinate the development 
and distribution of common assets for the participating states. This 
includes legal guidelines for c/3, c/4, PACs, and other non-profit 
formations, and resource development, especially common fundraising. A 
significant portion of funds raised by PBN will be re-granted for 
support of efforts in the participating states. PBN will also pursue a 
common database platform that is compatible with the voter files of the 
respective states and participating organizations' membership databases.
o Political Space - PBN will provide its partners and State Alliances a 
venue for open and “safe” discussion of political ideas and strategies. 
This will be accomplished through various efforts including joint 
meetings, shared writings, contact with other national formations, 
cross-state collaborations, leadership exchanges, on-site visitations, 
and informal processes that encourage circulation of ideas and dialogue 
within the Network.

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