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Dear Friends, Please send to the list. We are seeking PhDs as well as 
activists. Thank you for all your good work!

Build a Movement for Health Care Justice

Transform California Politics

Work for a Progressive Union

The California Nurses Association (CNA) and National Nurses Organizing 
Committee are hiring staff based in Chicago, as well as Los Angeles, 
Sacramento and Oakland, CA. CNA is leading the national movement for 
Registered Nurse power to transform the market-driven healthcare 
industry in the United States into a health care system based on patient 
need. CNA helped start the movement to stop Schwarzenegger’s attacks on 
working people. This fall we hope to transform California politics by 
passing a clean money initiative which will limit corporate campaign 
contributions and create publicly financed campaigns through a new 
corporate tax. After passing a similar measure Maine nurses were able to 
win increased prescription drug coverage for low income patients. We seek a:

* Union Organizer, or Lead Organizer, or Organizer in Training

* Experienced Labor Representatives and Labor Representatives in Training

* Educator/Researcher and Researcher Trainee

Excellent salary depending on experience, and outstanding benefits 
offered, including comprehensive family health, domestic partner 
coverage, and generous pension. Please email Résumé and cover letter to: 
Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director, CNA

Union Organizer, or Lead Organizer, or Organizer in Training

We have organized 17,000 nurses since 2000. Despite well-funded 
anti-union employer campaigns, our election win rate is among the best 
in the nation, and our first contract rate is nearly 100%.

As a union organizer you would help nurses develop the organizing 
committee at a hospital, and help nurses win their representation 
election in the face of an intense anti-union employer campaign. As a 
lead organizer, you would be responsible for helping to coordinate the 
work of organizers and provide assistance for the organizers in 
training. As an organizer in training, you will learn to play an 
effective role in a union organizing campaign. The RN workforce is 95% 
women and depending on the facility, there are many nurses of color.

We are currently hiring experienced activists with all levels of 
experience. A demonstrated commitment to social justice work is 
required. Experience in women's issues is also a plus.

* Organizers have preferably had experience organizing for elections, 
especially health care workers.
* Lead organizers should have experience running large organizing 
campaigns for NLRB elections. Lead organizers should have demonstrated 
success at providing direction and leadership to other organizers.
* Organizers in training should have a willingness to work hard and a 
commitment to learning union organizing.

Organizers are based out of Chicago, Los Angeles and other offices 
nationwide. In your cover letter please indicate your ability to travel, 
geographic restrictions: resumeorg at

Labor Representative

We seek an experienced Labor Representative (Chicago, Inland Empire 
Southern CA, Sacramento, or Labor Representative in Training 
(Sacramento, Oakland). The labor representative is responsible for all 
matters related to collective bargaining, including organizing nurses in 
private and public employment; compiling, analyzing, interpreting and 
presenting pertinent data; negotiating contracts; processing grievances 
and conducting arbitrations; and representing nurses in 
employment-related problems. The ideal experienced candidate has had 
prior success as a full time labor representative, running effective 
contract campaigns, plus effectiveness in organizing membership 
participation and developing rank and file leadership. Trainees should 
have organizing and activist experience.

This is more than an ordinary union job; we seek Labor Representatives 
who want to use their skills strategically. The ideal candidate would 
relish the chance to build strong workplace committees, develop local 
leadership, educate members about alternatives to corporate control of 
health care, and mobilize members to fight for Single Payer Healthcare 
and campaign finance reform.

In your cover letter please indicate your geographic preferences: 
resumerep at

Educator/Researcher and Researcher Trainee

The Educator/Researcher and Researcher Trainee will work as part of the 
Oakland, CA research team, assisting with nationwide analysis of all 
sectors of the US Health Care industry; providing research & other 
support to collective bargaining, organizing and organizational policy.

This is not a traditional labor educator position. The ideal Candidate 
will have:

* At least one advanced degree is desirable, or for trainees high power 
quantitative skills.
* Familiarity and a background in political/economy, the epistemological 
problematic inherent in computerized expert systems, labor process 
studies, complex organizational analysis, the philosophy of science 
generally, the social aspects of technological design and 
implementation, demonstrated competence in both quantitative and 
qualitative social research, and the ability to teach complex material 
in a way that is accessible to a broad audience are highly desirable 
* Demonstrated experience at teaching global issues of political economy 
to working adults.
* Substantial background in issues of the healthcare industry, health 
care reform and restructuring of medical care or related fields of analysis.
* Top rate research skills.
* Experience at working closely with others as part of a successful team.
* An ability to work under pressure and ability to meet deadlines is 

For experienced candidates with PhD salary starts at $69K, with regular 
step increases, trainee salary depends on experience. Excellent benefits 
with a generous pension plan. Full family and domestic partner coverage. 
Please email Résumé, Cover letter, Writing sample, and Outline of a one 
day educational workshop to: researchresume at

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