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June 2006 Edition from the Progressive Technology Project

<> Fight RSI and work faster
with keyboard shortcuts! <>

RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury or Repetitive Stress Injury, is exactly
what it sounds like - an injury that occurs from continually repeating a
particular motion like reaching for your mouse or typing the same set of
awkward keystrokes over and over again. RSI was a "hot" issue a few
years back with a lot of news coverage on carpal tunnel syndrome,
typing, and computer ergonomics. Thanks to work over the last few years,
RSI has become less of an issue as we've all become more knowledgeable
about computer and workplace ergonomics.

Even so, if you ever have a heavy computer-use day, keyboard shortcuts
can be a great way to ease the strain on your mouse arm, and more
importantly, make your work faster and more efficient - meaning that you
can finish your computer work faster and get back into the field.

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Information Technology Essentials for Community Organizers

Progressive Technology Project has designed a brand new training program
m>  for new and old organizers who are interested in building their
technology skills.

m>  training is designed to build the basic skills of community
organizers in the key technology competencies for community organizing.
If you're working in community organizing, you'll want to find yourself
in beautiful Santa Cruz on August 1st.

m>  will take place from Noon August 1, 2006 to Noon August 4th, 2006.

Learn more
m>  or Sign-up Now



Interesting and useful links from PTP

A lot of folks are pretty down on the utility of the internet, and they
may have a point. But while there's a great deal of stuff on the
internet that isn't all that useful, every now and then, we see
something that we think is useful enough to share with you.
Periodically, we'll have a section in CORN to share resources that we
think might be interesting or useful to you. Feel free to send us your
suggestions for links and resources to add to this list:

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A message from the National Organizers' Alliance:

NOA Membership <>

Join NOA in its mission to bring together organizers from all fields and
backgrounds to share resources and help one another. Become a member
today! Membership dues start at just $20.

Job Bank <>

The National Organizers Alliance job bank has been re-launched. Are you
looking for a job - 173 positions have been posted in the last 4 weeks.
This is a great place to recruit and post job announcements (including:
staff positions, volunteers, interns, and fellows). NOA is offering
unlimited free postings for a limited time. Place your job announcements
by going to <> .

You can have new job postings sent directly to your inbox. Posting your
job on the NOA website supports the National Organizers Alliance, a
membership based organization of organizers! Not a member? Join today at <> .


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