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From: "Peter Dreier" <dreier at oxy.edu>

I could use some advice in finding sources of data comparing the US and 
other OECD countries. I am writing an article comparing the US and other 
OECD countries (western Europe, Canada, Australia, etc)  in terms of a 
variety of indicators of social and economic well-being.  I know where 
to get the data on most economic indicators like poverty, wages, income 
and wealth distribution, productivity, union density, etc. The OECD 
website, the Luxembourg Income STtudy, and the EPI report, The State of 
Working America, and a few recent books are good sources for this 
I could use help in identifying sources of the latest data that compare 
the US and these other countries in terms of the following indicators:
1, tax rates by income group
2, ratio of women's income to men's income
3, voter turnout
4. crime rates (especially violent crime and murder)
5. % of adult males and females in prison
6. required (by law) weeks of  paid vacation
7. median and mean hours work per year
8. % covered by health insurance
9. per capita spending on health care
10. % GDP spent on health care
11. impact of post-tax redistribution policies on poverty rate
12, environmental pollution (or other indicators of environmental 
13. energy consumption per capita
14,% GDP spend on public education K-12
15, % of 18-22 year olds attending higher education institutions
16. teacher salaries (as % of median salaries)
17. math/reading scores at different age levels
18. infant mortality rates
19. age longevity
20. % who use public transit (vs. private auto)
21. % who read newspapers regularly
22. hours spend watching TV
23. homeownership rate
24. % of income spent by the poor on housing
25. any other indicators that might be appropriate
Any help you can provide -- especially websites with any of this data -- 
would be much appreciated.
Peter Dreier
Dr. E.P. Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics
Director, Urban & Environmental Policy Program
Occidental College
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Phone: (323) 259-2913
FAX: (323) 259-2734

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