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From: "Leslie Ramyk" <ccbi at core.com> 

Hi Randy,

I'm wondering if anyone on the list might be able to share a "charter" 
or "constitution" statement for a Community Planning Board.  We're 
looking for samples to learn about board structures, language used, and 
relationships to elected officials.

One of the organizations I work with is building a base in a Chicago 
neighborhood.  Needless to say, the local alderman is entrenched (first 
elected in 1973) and in cahoots with pet developers.  The organization 
wants to create a Community Planning Board in order to force public 
decisions out from behind closed doors--matters including zoning, land 
use, enforcement of ordinances, and commercial development in general.

I'm not looking for WHY planning boards are useful, but specifically HOW 
they are structured and operate.  All resources will be much appreciated!


Leslie Ramyk
Director, CCBI
Chicago Community Organizing Capacity Building Initiative
360 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1050
Chicago, IL  60601
312-782-2698, x106

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