regional organizing in northeast Ohio

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Mon Oct 31 21:50:42 CST 2005

From: Josiette White <josiette at>

For those in or near Northeast Ohio that are interested in
regionalism, here is an interesting opportunity:

In the future, will Northeast Ohio be a  place where family and
friends can gather for Sunday dinner? Or will loved  ones have to head
out of town in search of better jobs and a better quality  of life?

 Want to be a part of shaping that future?  Then don't miss this
chance to attend Northeast Ohio  Regional Town Meeting on Saturday,
November 12, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at  the University of Akron's
Rhodes Arena. You can register at
or by emailing us or by  calling us at 1-800-929-2319. Light breakfast
and lunch is provided. The  meeting is free. When you call we will ask
you for information including if  you need assistance with items such
as, translation, childcare, large  print, sign language or
transportation to and from the meeting.

I hope you'll recruit your friends and  neighbors to participate in
the Town Meeting also. You will join citizens  like yourself from
around the region in deciding the most important issues  we need to
take on as a region in order to revitalize our economy. Visit

Take action to improve the region's  future. Attend the Regional Town
Meeting. Register today.

Josiette White
Voices & Choices Organizer
jwhite at
7575 Northcliff Ave, Suite 201
Brooklyn, OH 44144

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