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ACORN News: October 24, 2005
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ACORN Members Take Action to Oppose Unfair Budget Cuts


ACORN Presses Wells Fargo to Repair Predatory Lending Damage


Tijuana ACORN Launches with Clean-Up Action


ACORN Study: States Failing on Voter Law


Taking Action for Our Communities
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 > Tell Wells Fargo: Give the Money Back
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ACORN Members Take Action to Oppose Unfair Budget Cuts

ACORN members in Texas crowd Tom Delay's office to demand a fair budget.

ACORN members are taking action against Congressional proposals to cut 
health care, nutrition, housing, student loans, and other crucial 
supports for families, while giving out another round of giant tax 
breaks for millionaires. They are focusing on members of Congress in 
more than 30 cities and states.

* Pennsylvania ACORN members marched into Senator Rick Santorum's office 
and testified about how cuts in programs like food stamps and EITC would 
affect them.
* In Kansas City, ACORN members crowded into the office of Congressman 
Sam Graves, where they stayed until they received the promise of a phone 
call from the legislative director.
* Albuquerque ACORN joined other community groups and unions outside and 
inside the office of Representative Heather Wilson, where her chief of 
staff told them that Wilson would not support additional budget cuts. 
They plan to keep up the pressure until she agrees not to support ANY 
budget cuts in essential services to pay for tax cuts for the very rich.

Congressional Republicans planned $35 billion in cuts for this fall, and 
now they are trying to use Katrina relief as an excuse to slash needed 
services still further. Instead of helping people get back on their 
feet, or face the difficulties of super high heating bills this winter, 
they want to reduce help for struggling families while going ahead with 
more than $70 billion in tax cuts -- the bulk of which go to people 
making more than $200,000 a year.

Take action: Click here to send an email, or call the ACORN Legislative 
Action Hotline at 1-800-643-9557 to tell your members of Congress: Don’t 
cut healthcare and other help for struggling families to pay for tax 
cuts for millionaires!
ACORN Presses Wells Fargo to Repair Predatory Lending Damage

A protest against Wells Fargo's predatory lending.

Pressure from ACORN, state regulators, and lawsuits has forced Wells 
Fargo to change many of its predatory lending practices. The company 
announced another round of reforms several weeks ago, making many of the 
changes ACORN has demanded in its three-year campaign. Now, ACORN is 
pressing Wells to repair the damage its predatory lending has caused, by 
compensating the victims of its abusive practices.

“Wells needs to give the money back to the families and communities its 
predatory lending has hurt," said Maude Hurd, ACORN’s National 
President. "In addition, their reforms must be made permanent and 
enforceable by court order. Otherwise, Wells could revert to its old 
ways of doing business.”

ACORN's campaign against Wells Fargo has included demonstrations 
throughout the country, a 2,000 person march to Wells' downtown Los 
Angeles office, ACORN members attending Wells Fargo's shareholder 
meeting and confronting CEO Richard Kovacevich directly, and two 
lawsuits. ACORN's recently released report "A Case of Black and White" 
showed that African-American and Latino homeowners have been especially 
impacted by Wells Fargo's high rates and fees. To read the full report, 
click here.

Take Action: Click here to tell Wells Fargo: give the money back to 
predatory lending victims!
Tijuana ACORN Launches with Clean-Up Action

Tijuana ACORN's first action took place on October 6th, when ACORN 
leaders went to city offices to demand the city government’s help in a 
neighborhood clean-up effort. The city committed to help provide labor 
and necessary materials for a neighborhood clean-up on October 15th. The 
city also committed to picking up all the trash that was collected that 
day. Tijuana ACORN, which already has 300 members, is organizing in the 
neighborhoods of Villa Real, Villa Fontana, Presidentes, and Guaycura to 
address issues of security and trash in those neighborhoods.
ACORN Study: States Failing on Voter Law

On September 20th, ACORN members around the country held news 
conferences to announce a new study indicating that nearly every state 
discriminates against registering low-income voters. ACORN leaders 
showed that states are not following the National Voter Registration Act 
of 1993 (NVRA). Thirty members of Congress, including Reps. John Conyers 
(D-MI) and John Lewis (D-GA), also demanded the Justice Department 
investigate and enforce the law.

The National Voter Registration Act requires social service agencies to 
offer voter registration. Unfortunately, the new ACORN/Demos/Project 
Vote study “Ten Years Later: A Promise Unfulfilled,” shows that, since 
1995, voter registrations from social services agencies have declined 
59.6%. At the same time the number of people participating in many of 
these programs has risen—Food Stamp recipients, for example, are up 39% 
since 2000. ACORN members in several states are planning campaigns to 
pressure state officials to fix this failure. Read the news release here.

Read more about the National Voter Registration Act here.
Taking Action for Our Communities

On October 4th, Flint ACORN won the battle to have a hazardous building 
knocked down in an ACORN neighborhood; This victory was preceded by a 
march on City Hall and a collection of complaints from neighbors.

Last month, members of Pennsylvania ACORN’s Harrisburg Uptown chapter 
successfully demanded that several vacant properties be resealed and an 
overgrown lot be cleared of large debris, trash, and animals.

On September 14th, over 30 British Columbia ACORN members held a rally 
for safety outside the Guildford police station; as a result, hedges 
were cut back on a dangerous neighborhood pathway, and the mayor 
promised to look into lights for the same area.

Harrisburg Uptown chapter members win attention from the City of 

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