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Tue Oct 25 15:55:45 CDT 2005


I am very pleased to announce the availability of:

     Transforming Community Practice: [Re]Moving the Margins

	by Jannit Rabinovitch, 

This is a book-length piece rethinking the field of community practice, bringing in elements of community organizing, popular education, and participatory research.
As Jannit states: "Transformative community practice is built on the realization that despite their insider knowledge the true experts, those with lived experience, are not usually included in discussions of how to address their needs."

You can find Jannit's work at the COMM-ORG "Papers" page, in the 2005 section:

I hope that her work inspires some discussion.  Authors contribute 
writing to COMM-ORG in the hopes of getting comments, so please feel 
welcomed to contact Jannit directly, or discuss her work through the list.

Thanks so much to Jannit for contributing her writing.

Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG

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