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[ed:  thanks to Linda for pointing out the wrapped link.  I forgot to
warn you all.]

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I noted that the link broke across lines -- folks may want to be sure
and cut-and-paste to make it to the subscription page for the new
discussion group.  Or type the "ousing" onto the end of the link in your
browser's URL window to complete the string.

Suburban MD

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>From: "Kalima Rose" <krose at>
>Over 200 affordable housing leaders from across the country met in
>Washington, DC October 5-7 to talk about inclusionary zoning, one of the
>most promising tools available for creating mixed-income communities and
>offering housing choices for American families. PolicyLink is launching
>an online discussion group as a way to continue to share information and
>strategies that emerged from the event and that can help win and expand
>inclusionary zoning. (Go to
>ousing  to join.)
>Inclusionary zoning is being used as an important local housing tool to
>preserve and create mixed-income communities in hundreds of cities
>throughout the nation-including Boston, New York, San Diego, and San
>Francisco-and has secured tens of thousands of units of affordable
>housing as a result. The online discussion provides a way to learn from
>your peers about how to develop an IZ policy that balances community
>needs for affordable housing with the needs of developers to realize a
>return on investment.
>*	In gentrifying neighborhoods, affordable units provided by IZ
>can prevent displacement of longtime residents.
>*	In new and growing neighborhoods, IZ can ensure that
>affordability becomes part of the area's long-term plans.
>*	In expensive neighborhoods, IZ can provide housing opportunities
>for moderate-income families who may work there, but wouldn't otherwise
>be able to live there.
>Be part of the conversation and enjoy these benefits:
>*	The latest news on inclusionary housing advances
>*	A virtual help line from your expert peers
>*	Inspiring strategies about what works in other communities that
>could help yours
>Join the list for highlights from the Inclusionary Housing conference
>(co-sponsored by PolicyLink, Innovative Housing Institute, National
>Housing Conference, and Business and Professional People for the Public
>For PolicyLink resources on inclusionary zoning and affordable housing,
>We look forward to the conversation!
>For more information, contact: Kalima Rose, Associate Director,
>PolicyLink, krose at, 510-663-2333
>Please distribute this announcement to as many allies continuing the
>effort to expand affordable housing as possible. Thank you.
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