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[ed:  thanks to Allison and Neenah  for replying to Holly's query.]

From: "Tyndall, Allison" <ATYNDALL at depaul.edu>


I encourage you to look into the work of the Asthma Center at the
University of Chicago.

Allison Tyndall
DePaul University


From: neenah at starluna.net


You may want to consider getting in touch with Family Services, Inc. in
Lawrence.  They do quite a bit of community and in-home education relating
to asthma.  Also, the Latino Health Institute (which I think is also 
based in
Lawrence) may have some leads for you.

Another thing you might consider is contacting community health centers in
areas that have high asthma rates.  I would recommend East Boston
Neighborhood Health Center, Dimock Community Health Center, and
Fenway Community Health Center (although there are undoubtedly more
health centers that you could contact). 

Also, the Center for Community Health Education, Research and Service
here at Northeastern University may also be able to point you to some

Good luck in your work.

Neenah Estrella-Luna

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> From: "Holly McCartney" <mccartneyholly at hotmail.com>
> My name is Holly and I am a graduate student in the University of New 
> England's Social Work program. I am collecting information on 
> community based asthma control.  I would be interested to hear if any 
> early intervention programs or in home programs are working with the 
> head starts or other programs in your communities to educate parents 
> and held identify asthma triggers within homes.  Your input would be 
> appreciated!

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