Informing Redevelopment After Hurricane Katrina

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[ed:  this contribution from Rick is part of an exchange between the two 
of us, so I am passing on the relevant parts of the discussion.]

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Saw the COMM-ORG note on Katrina redevelopment and thought you might 
find some of the NCRP materials on Katrina of some use, especially the 
AR-092005-NCRP.htm  which is a piece I wrote for Nonprofit Quarterly 
with strong elements about redevelopment and rebuilding. 

For the "Demons of History" piece, I think it's 


For the watchdog piece, it's both 
<> and


For the piece on the Grassley/Baucus tax relief bill, it's <>


There's a link to the "seduced" article at 


And we just (September 29th) issued probably our last comment for the 
moment, "How the nonprofit sector should respond to the reconstruction 
challenge of the Gulf Coast" at

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