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[ed: we have had some discussions about the professionalizationalization 
of community organizing in the past. Perhaps now is a good time to 
continue the conversation.]

From: "Max" <max at riseup.net>

This special edition of Left Turn Magazine focuses on issues relating to
funding within our various grass-roots movements and the
'professionalization of activism' over the past few decades. Its obviously
a touchy subject as many of us are tied into this 'Non-Profit' complex in
one way or another but its an important conversation for all of us to be
having. If anyone wants a stack of magazines to distribute to their local
groups/organizations please feel free to email me at: max at riseup.net

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The Revolution Will Not Be Funded
Oct/Nov 2005

“I’m very much afraid of this ‘Foundation Complex.’ We’re getting praise
from places that worry me.” — Ella Baker, June 1963

In May of 2004 the radical feminist organization INCITE! Women of Color
Against Violence, organized an historic conference titled The Revolution
Will Not Be Funded: Beyond The Non-Profit Industrial Complex. The
conference addressed issues related to funding within the radical
movement, specifically the role that large foundations were playing in
re-structuring grassroots organizations to fit within a corporate model.

While attending the most recent INCITE! conference in New Orleans in March
of 2005, we learned that in the lead up to the conference they had lost an
important $100,000 grant from the Ford Foundation because of their
principled stance on the issue of Palestine. In their spirit of defiance
and commitment to truly radical politics, we hope the following articles
can contribute to the important dialogue they have started.

What has been the cost of the proliferation of the Non-Profit and the move
from volunteer based activism to staff driven advocacy work? How has the
field of social change become so professionalized that one often needs
multiple college degrees just to qualify for a job? What can movements in
the US learn from the relationships between large NGOs and grass roots
activists in places like Chiapas and Palestine?

These are some of the questions that we have tried to raise in this
section of Left Turn, recognizing the complexity of these issues and that
so many of us involved in social justice work are tied into this
non-profit industrial complex in one way or another.

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Inside issue #18:

Chiapas after the Red Alert
AFL-CIO split
Gaza 'disengagement'
New Left turn Mission Statement

Anti-War Movement:
Counter-Recruitment Movement
Lessons from GI Resistance in Vietnam
The Cindy Sheehan Spark

The Non Profit Industrial Complex:
The Non-Profit & Autonomous Social Movements
Case Study: Sista ii Sista
NGOs & The Zapatistas
NGOs in Palestine

In Focus:
The World Bank & Israeli Apartheid
Western Sahara: A hidden Colony
The Mexico-US border

Gender Justice:
Domestic Workers Fight Back
Finding Common Ground
Justice in Juarez

+ Activist Report Backs Including:

The Student Farmworker encuentro in Immokalee, The AIDE coalition (Action
In Defense of Education) in California, Organizing against the Minutemen
in Arizona.

+ Book Reviews including:

Taxi! Cabs and Capitalism in New York City, Conquest: Sexual Violence and
American Indian Genocide, Can't Stop Won't Stop, History of the IWW,
Zaatardiva, and Reclaiming Development

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As an anti-capitalist publication with no staff and living outside of the
Non Profit Industrial Complex and Foundation world, we depend on
grassroots activists around the country for financial support. Please take
out a subscription if you can or donate whatever you can directly on our
website at: www.leftturn.org

In Solidarity,
The LT Editorial Collective

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The Left Turn editorial collective is happy to announce the release of
issue #18 hot off the press! This is now the 4th issue the new editorial
collective has put out and we are happy to announce an increased print run
to coincide both with the major anti-war demonstrations as well as our
special theme on the 'Non-Profit Industrial Complex'. Always in a
financial crunch, we really need our friends and allies to subscribe and
help support the project whnever possible. For this issue we are looking
to send out stacks of 10-100 magazines to activists across the country. If
you are in a position to help subsidize some of these mailing please
contact us at: distribution at leftturn.org or donate at www.leftturn.org

If anyone is interested in helping to organize an event around this
issue's topic please contact: max at riseup.net

"May the heart beat where it, in fact, does,
that is, on the left."
-Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, July of 2005.

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