Community-Campus Partnerships for Health is recruiting new board members, May 9 deadline

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Thu May 5 16:13:07 CDT 2005

From: Sarena Seifer <sarena at>

Dear colleagues,

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health is recruiting new board members 
who will begin three-year terms in September 2005. Applications are due 
Monday May 9, 2005.  The information below is also available online at

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health promotes health through 
partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions. We 
are searching for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a 
broad range of experience and expertise, a passion for community-campus 
partnerships, ties to multiple networks and organizations, and the time 
and ability to contribute to a working board.

We are especially interested in receiving applications from:
*Students in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs
*Individuals from community-based and faith-based settings
*Individuals with experience and expertise in community and economic 
*Individuals with experience and expertise in fundraising
*Individuals with experience and expertise in policy analysis, 
development and/or advocacy

The CCPH board has adopted the policy governance model. We encourage you 
to read our policies and past board meeting minutes as you consider your 
interest in serving on the board and your ability to meet the 
expectations of board members.  For more information, please visit these 

CCPH board members commit not only to actively participating in 2 board 
meetings per year, but to also attending CCPH's annual conference and 
contributing regularly throughout the year through conference calls and 
other activities. Serving on the board involves hard work, but it can 
also be extremely rewarding and a lot of fun!

Board members are expected to be members of CCPH and to make an annual 
donation to the organization in an amount of their choosing. We do not 
require board members to pay for their travel to board meetings, as we 
do not want financial considerations to inhibit anyone from serving on 
our board. However, we do ask that board members consider having their 
employer or school pay for some or all of their expenses if their board 
involvement is compatible with their professional responsibilities or 
degree program. As a result, many board members contribute to their 
expenses, including student members who have received support from their 

Our board composition reflects the diverse constituencies we serve, 
including community leaders, academic administrators, nonprofit agency 
leaders, faculty members and students. Some are directly involved in 
health care or health professions education, and some are not. Board 
members are not chosen for nor are they expected to represent a 
particular category or constituency, but rather to bring a broad 
perspective to the board's deliberations. The CCPH website includes 
brief biographies of current board members at

We have created an application process to select new board members. Our 
aim is to find board members whose goals and philosophy align with those 
of CCPH, to fulfill the needs and interests of individual board members, 
and those of our organization. The application process is intended to 
help us understand your background, skills and contacts and what you 
would like to contribute and gain as a board member. It also helps us in 
making suggestions of other meaningful ways you might consider becoming 
involved in CCPH should you not be offered a board position at this time.

CCPH's Board Recruitment Committee will review all applications. A 
select group of applicants will be interviewed by phone in June 2005. 
The committee will then recommend specific candidates to the full board 
for their consideration. Letters of invitation to serve on the board 
will be mailed in July 2005.

In the event you are offered a board position, please mark the dates and 
locations of the next scheduled board meetings on your calendar now. 
Prospective applicants who have unavoidable conflicts on these dates are 
respectfully asked not to apply for a board position at this time:

September 22-24, 2005 in Toronto
May 30-31, 2006 in Minneapolis

If you have any questions about any aspect of the board or CCPH, please 
contact CCPH executive director Sarena Seifer at sarena at 
or 206-616-4305, or CCPH board chair Renee Bayer at rbayer at or 
734-936-0932.   We look forward to reviewing your application.


Members of the CCPH Board Recruitment Committee:

Board Application Process

To apply for the CCPH board, please send us the following information no 
later than Monday May 9, 2005:

A. Current resume or curriculum vitae

B. A cover letter that answers these three questions:

1. Why do you want to serve on the CCPH board of directors?
2. What strengths, skills and experience would you bring to the CCPH board?
3. What experience do you have with community-campus partnerships and/or 
Community-Campus Partnerships for Health?

C. A one-page sheet that includes the following information:

1. Your complete contact information (please include all items that 
apply to you):

Mailing Address

If you are a student: indicate whether undergraduate, graduate or 
post-graduate; full-time or part-time; degree/program; and expected 
month/year of graduation/completion

2. Your primary affiliation (please list one):

Community-based organization
Faith-based organization
Higher educational institution
Hospital or health system
Professional association
Other (please specify)

3. Your areas of experience or expertise (please list all that apply):

Community and economic development
Community organizing
Policy analysis and/or policy development
Other (please specify)

D. The names, affiliations and phone numbers of two references we can 
call who can speak to the strengths, skills and knowledge you would 
bring to the CCPH board.

Please return your completed application by mail, fax or email to:

Annika Robbins
Administrative Director
Community-Campus Partnerships for Health
UW Box 354809
Seattle, WA 98195-4809
(For express mail:
1107 NE 45th Street, Suite 345
Seattle, WA 98105)
Tel. 206-616-3472
Fax. 206-685-6747
Email: annikalr at

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health is a nonprofit organization
that promotes health through partnerships between communities and
higher educational institutions.  Become a member today at

CCPH is the Higher Education Senior Program Advisor for the Learn and
Serve America National Service-Learning Clearinghouse.  Visit the
Clearinghouse at

Join CCPH for our 9th Conference, May 31-June 3, 2006 in Minneapolis, MN

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