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[ed:  an html version of the inaugural issue of this publication is also 
available on the COMM-ORG 2004 Papers page.]

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The Journal of Community Power Building is an exploration of power
building among community development corporations (CDCs) and their
leaders, working to achieve significant change in urban and rural
communities throughout Massachusetts.  In the first volume of the Power
Journal, contributors were asked to explore fears and ambivalence about
power in the move toward community change.  In the second volume, we ask
people from the community development field-leaders, organizers, as well
as other staff members-to define justice, and describe how it informs
the work they do.  What role do CDCs play in the pursuit of justice?  In
the call for papers, we presented the following questions:

*    Do people with various backgrounds, nationalities or cultures
see justice differently?  How has your own experience of justice shaped
the way you approach your work (as an executive director, organizer,
volunteer leader, etc.)?  Can individual understanding of justice clash
with the way CDCs use justice to guide their work?
*    How are CDCs (or your CDC specifically) striving for justice in
your community?  What initiatives have you undertaken in your CDC to
make you think that CDCs foster justice?  Are CDCs part of a broad
"justice movement"? Is their ability to strive for or achieve justice
limited by their nature or structure in their?
*    How do we know if CDCs are effective in their work toward
justice?  In what ways do CDCs measure how they are able to achieve
*    Tell us a story of a person or event connected to your CDC work
that illustrates an aspect of justice.

If you would like to receive a free copy (price negotiable for extra
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Journal" in the subject heading.

The journal is also available on our website:

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