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Job Announcement:  Western Wisconsin Civic Engagement Organizer
Wisconsin Citizen Action (WCA) is a grassroots citizen organization 
which revitalizes democracy by organizing citizens to make Wisconsin a 
better place for our families and community.  We bring together the 
power of over 210 affiliate organizations and 68,000 individual members 
to fight for social, economic and environmental justice.   See for more information.


Salary:    Based on experience and consistency with other organizational 
salary levels


Benefits: Includes full health insurance, paid vacation, and other 
benefits according to union contract (OPEIU Local 9)


General Description:


Wisconsin Citizen Action is working with a diverse coalition of 
organizations to create and implement an exciting strategy to engage 
Wisconsin citizens and re-connect decision-makers to the values of 
Wisconsin citizens. The Wisconsin Blueprint Project is a ten-year, 
non-partisan strategy designed to shape the public debate around values 
and issues Wisconsinites care about, to build an engaged citizenry 
actively working for change, and to expand the electorate by targeting 
constituencies that are disproportionately underrepresented. The Project 
is designed to build new capacity where we now have gaps, to harness, 
enhance and interconnect existing advocacy organizations and to create 
new partnerships with donors.  It seeks to build an infrastructure among 
these organizations comparable in cohesiveness and power to the 
corporate infrastructure that is so evident today.



As an employee of WCA the Western Wisconsin Civic Engagement Organizer 
is responsible for implementation of the civic engagement neighborhood 
based organizing plan, including:


    * Develop and supervise a long term neighborhood organizing campaign
    * Identify, engage, and train volunteer leaders on a ward level
    * Implement an organizing model which will target and engage drop 
off voters
    * Work with coalition members to engage volunteers and activists in 
meaningful campaigns which will help build progressive capacity in the 
region, bringing coalition and neighborhood leaders together, to develop 
and ratify a progressive agenda, train and formalize volunteer 
leadership, and develop campaign ideas and advocacy structures.
    * Work with coalition partners to develop strategic regional 
progressive organizing plans.


To Apply:   Please send a resume and cover letter by Jan. 15 to:


Tamara Pogue, Deputy Director

Wisconsin Citizen Action

912 N. Hawley Rd.  2nd Floor, Milwaukee, WI 53213

Tamara.Pogue at


Citizen Action is an equal opportunity employer.



·        Experience and demonstrated skill in at least one organizing 
model, specifically community and grassroots organizing (at least 2 
years direct experience preferred)

·        Electoral organizing experience

·        Experience and demonstrated skill in leadership development, 
volunteer development and building active participation of leaders in 
campaigns (2 years preferred)

·        A creative approach to problem-solving, including strong 
analytic, strategic and planning skills along with demonstrated aptitude 
for taking the initiative on projects

·        Good personal organization, time management and planning skills

·        Able to work well as a team member with other organizational staff

·        Commitment to social change, working with diverse people and 

·        Ability to travel extensively within the region.


Additional factors: proficiency in computer skills, including 
word-processing, mail-merge, database, and e-mail; ability to work some 
evenings and weekends.


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