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Sun Dec 25 11:20:23 CST 2005

From: Larry Yates <llyates at shentel.net>

for the new year:
meditation by the north fork of the shenandoah

when many rivers and streams
finally overwhelm
a mountain
they lose their names

we call that "the ocean"

when many voices
speak truth to power
when many hands raised
in joint action
fundamentally change
a social condition
a condition that many believed was eternal

then those who come after
see only the lightly ruffled surface
extending blue into the distance

"Wasn't that always there?"

high on a slope
of another mountain
a first spring finds its way
through the stones
works its way
through the hard-packed earth

Larry Yates
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Maurertown VA
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"...in these times of storm and stress, this program will be opposed.
Our Movement, therefore, must be well knit together. It must have moral
and spiritual vision, understanding, and wisdom."

A. Philip Randolph, March on Washington Movement, 1942

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