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The Gulf Coast won a small but important victory yesterday when
President Bush agreed under intense pressure to provide an
additional $3.1 billion to begin building stronger levees to
protect New Orleans.

BUT before Christmas it is critical that the President and
Congress also approve funding to help families without adequate
flood insurance rebuild their homes. Without this federal aid
New Orleans and other Gulf Coast communities will die a slow
death and many of the 270,000 families whose homes were
destroyed will lose everything they owned.

Yesterday PICO federations around the country held events in the
U.S. Capitol and at the local district offices of 60 members of
Congress to remind Washington that time is running out for Gulf
Coast residents and to press for action on levee and housing
funding before Christmas recess. This was the third time that
PICO leaders came to Washington this fall as part of a
coordinated nation-wide effort to press the President and
Congress to meet commitments to New Orleans and the region.

While the initial funding to strengthen the levees protecting
New Orleans is a welcome step, PICO joins with other in the Gulf
Coast in urging members of Congress to support a bipartisan plan
to use oil and gas drilling proceeds to create a long-term
funding stream for coastal restoration and hurricane protection.

PICO LIFT (Louisiana Interfaiths Together) and its six PICO
federations and 100 faith communities have asked for help from
across the country because members of Congress from outside the
region have influence over key federal decisions that will shape
life in the Gulf Coast for decades to come. We encourage you to
continue to write to your members of Congress with the message:
http://ga3.org/campaign/rebuildlouisiana/w35dkuxrz5bjkwx? to
send a personal e-mail.

UPDATE ON CHILDREN'S HEALTH: Negotiations in Congress are likely
to continue over the weekend and possibly into next week over
both Gulf Coast rebuilding and Medicaid. There is still hope
that Congress will adopt the Senate approach, which spares
children and families from harm. Visit
http://ga3.org/campaign/housemedicaidvote/w35dkuxrz5bjkwx? to send a 
message on children's
health. Visit http://ga3.org/ct/A7_svVd1jzfc/ to see a copy of
the report PICO issued yesterday with the Georgetown Center on
Children and Families.

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> From: "PICO National Network" <gwhitman at piconetwork.org>
> On Thursday, December 15th PICO federations are holding prayer
> events across the country at the district offices of 20 Senators
> and 40 Congresspersons and in the U.S. Capitol to push for
> action before Christmas recess on legislation to rebuild the
> Gulf Coast and to urge Congress to protect low-income children
> and families from budget cuts.
> "No member of Congress should go home for Christmas recess
> without giving Gulf Coast families the hope that they too will
> be able to return home again," said Deacon Allen Stevens, of
> PICO National Network and St. Phillip the Apostle Catholic
> Church (destroyed) in New Orleans. "As people of faith we refuse
> to accept the lie that our nation does not have the resources to
> help families who lost everything in Katrina or that honoring
> commitments to the Gulf Coast requires cutting children off
> health care or taking away their wheel chairs and hearing aids."
> PICO National Network is organizing the events across the
> country to highlight the stark choices that Congress faces on
> children's health care and Gulf Coast reconstruction in the ten
> days before Christmas. PICO federations will be delivering
> HOURGLASSES to members of Congress to remind them that time is
> slipping away for displaced families. PICO wants Congress to:
> -Pass a supplemental spending bill before Christmas that draws
> on unused Iraq reconstruction funds to help New Orleans and the
> Gulf Coast strengthen levees and rebuild homes of families who
> lacked flood insurance
> -Support a permanent revenue stream from oil and gas revenues to
> restore coastal wetlands for hurricane protection and
> -Choose the Senate's approach to controlling Medicaid costs
> which reduces the profit margin of drug and insurance companies
> while sparing children and families from benefit cuts and new
> access fees.
> For more information contact: Gordon Whitman, PICO National
> Network (734) 255-4029.
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