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Sat Dec 10 17:32:35 CST 2005

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From: "Michealle Larkins" <mlarkins at iicenter.org>

Hello everyone,


I am doing some research for the Irish Immigration Center (IIC) in
Boston, MA about the pros and cons of moving towards a fee-for-service
model aka ancillary business income. I am wondering if anyone has any
information about practical problems they have experienced or heard
about, if you have any suggestions of where I may find articles or any
written material, or if there is anyone I can or should talk to about
what the organization should look out for or what may be the pitfalls
when transitioning to the fee-for-service model.


Thank you.




Michealle Larkins

Irish Immigration Center

59 Temple Place, Suite 1010

Boston, MA  02111


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